Pocky, a Visual History

Pocky is one of the most well-known Japanese candy of all time.

From it’s invention in 1966, Pocky enjoyed strong sales in Japan and quickly expanded its market internationally.

(Pocky is produced by a company called Ezaki Glico… here is the logo, you probably recognize it.)

By the 1970’s, Ezaki Glico had created diverse flavors including strawberry, almond, milk, green tea, and many more.

Especially in Japan, creating regional flavors and constantly updating flavor offerings is very important as a way to survive in a saturated candy market.

Now, Ezaki Glico is taking on the rest of the world. By 2020, the company hopes sales will rival those of candy giants such as Hershey’s and Nestle, the maker of KitKat.

Pocky may have a leg up on the competition, however. Have you heard of the Pocky Game?

Two people bite into a stick at the same time, and whoever breaks the lip-lock first is the looser.

By the way, Pocky Day is 11/11 each year.

How would you feel if Pocky became another grocery store staple?

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