What is Japan Crate?

What the heck is Japan Crate?

The number one question that we’ve received after going live in July is….what is Japan Crate?  Well, to put it quite simply, we’re a bunch of Japanese candy lovers on a mission to spread the wonderfully strange candy from Japan straight to your front door.  Every month – we pick an assortment of fun and crazy candy, snacks and DIY kits and ship them to you.  What are DIY kits you ask?  I’ll just leave this here…

Definitely not what you would normally see browsing the aisles of your local Seven Eleven or Safeway.  As a matter of fact, we promise that none of our crates contain any boring candy that you can regularly find outside of Japan.  Here’s an example of our more recent crates.



Chocolate mushrooms and Ramune soda candy and whistle mints – oh my!  And as you can tell, we don’t skimp.  We send you a box stuffed of these full sized Japanese candies.  So what are you waiting for?  Join the hundred of people that are already subscribed here!

TL:DR – We send you fun and crazy Japanese candies (about 2 pounds worth) starting at $25/month

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