Takoyaki–Fried Octopus Balls!

Did you receive this in your March crate?

Curious what Yatai Man is cooking up?

Turns out he’s making takoyaki! 

Takoyaki is a fried Japanese snack. It contains octopus, tempura scraps, green onion, and wheat flour.

To make this snack takoyaki batter is poured into a machine somewhat like a waffle iron and rotated periodically to form perfect balls. The balls are then covered in mayonnaise and a special takoyaki sauce that is similar to Worcester sauce.

Finally, dried fish and seaweed flakes are sprinkled on top.

Here are real takoyaki:

And not-so-real takoyaki:


(It’s a takoyaki gashapon!)

Here is the special pan used to make takoyaki.

(It’s called a takoyakiki.)

Takoyaki batter is put inside the press, and like a waffle, is cooked to perfection.

The origins of Takoyaki

Takoyaki were invented in Osaka in 1935.

They are considered a traditional street food and often found at festivals called “matsuri.”

Here is a takoyaki restaurant in Osaka.

This is a takoyaki stand at a local festival.


Festival goers continue to enjoy takoyaki at night. Those little lanterns let everyone know what’s for sale!

This stand offers a variety of flavors.

 Kitty Likes!

Now try your luck at this takoyaki making game (created by the city of Osaka!):



Can you beat the clock to churn out takoyaki?


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