Japanese Candy Fortune Teller Translations!

When ordering Japanese candy online, it can be a real challenge to figure out what all the crazy packaging is trying to say. Jokes, puns, references and other easter eggs are easily missed if you can’t read Japanese. We’ve translated all the fortunes from this month’s crate so you can have the full experience!







Blue: You will get buff.

Yellow: You will be the champion.

Pink: You will be courageous.









Blue: You will hide well.

Yellow: You will find the treasure.

Pink: You will remember ninjutsu skills.



japan crate lion fortunes





Blue: Your pride will grow.

Yellow: You will feast.

Pink: You will be the King of Beasts.



alien candy fortune





Blue: You will dominate the universe.

Yellow: You will meet an alien.

Pink: You will go to space.







Blue: Your kujiun (serendipitous luck) will be improved.

Yellow: You will be blessed, meow meow.

Pink: You will become lucky coin cat.




devil candy fortune




Blue: Devils out, good luck in.

Yellow: You will play oni gokko (Japanese devil tag).

Pink: You will have the advantage.







Red spoon: Your teacher will praise you.
Yellow spoon: You will be assigned a seat next to your crush.
Green spoon: Your friend will give you candy. (That’s us! ^__^)
Pink spoon: You will have a good conversation with your crush.

Tell us below what fortunes you got!

  1. Ha! I gave my strawberry chocolate to my dad, and surprise, surprise, it had a green spoon.

  2. I will dominate the universe and have a good conversation with my crush! Everything’s coming up Millhouse!

  3. I will be blessed and assigned a seat beside my crush. I’ve been married to my crush for almost 31 years and we have been blessed with 3 children. What luck!

  4. pink spoon and my boyfriend told my parents about us and they were ok with him,
    wish i got the neko box

  5. What a coincidence! Pink spoon and my crush is my best friend! He considers himself my annoying older brother.

  6. pink spoon and the Ninja. first pill was yellow. i wonder what i will find 😀