Meet Our New Mascot: JC

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Meet Japan Crate’s New Mascot: JC!

We’re so excited to reveal and introduce the newest mascot at Japan Crate, JC. Read on to learn more about him!

Blog4Who is JC?

JC is Japan Crate’s new mascot and charismatic delivery boy. An aspiring superhero, JC loves to chow down on candies and snacks. JC has a super sugoi and tough persona, so he doesn’t prefer being seen as kawaii!



What is the Inspiration Behind JC?

The Stig from Top Gear: hints on speed and reliability, this is where the inspiration is drawn from for the delivery boy persona.


Super Sentai: tokusatsu has always been synonymous with “childhood” for many Japanese as well as those immersed in the culture from a young age. JC, being a sentai-inspired character, presents a light-hearted, yet adventurous, tone for the character. Super Sentai was also the first franchise to have a candy toy!



Who is This Robot?!

Well, every Japanese superhero deserves a giant robot to fight off those pesky kaiju, right? Right! JC has the ever-reliable Sugoi Tron for the ultimate combat and deliveries!


We hope you’re just as excited as we are about having JC as your go-to delivery boy! ◕‿◕