November’s Traditional Flavors


November’s crate is filled with delicious flavors, from sour and sweet to rich and creamy. Read on to learn more about the traditional flavors and candies of Japan included in this month’s crate!


Purple Potato Sweet Sticks

A recent blog post of ours highlighted what purple potato is all about in Japan. We are so excited to introduce it into your November crate! A flavor that’s just as seasonal as Pumpkin, purple sweet potatoes are a Fall/Winter favorite in Japan. These light, crispy sticks are sweet and delicious, and taste just like a purple sweet potato!


Black Thunder

Mmm chocolate. This Black Thunder treat is one of our all-time favorite snacks! A chocolate bar with a name inspired by the Japanese god of thunder, it’s filled with cookie pieces and rice puffs, and topped with dark chocolate.


Meiji Dice Caramel

These fun caramel candies have been around since Japan’s Taisho era (1911-1925); can you believe it?! The package is made to resemble a set of 5 dice, each with a caramel hidden inside. How about using them during your next game night, and letting the winner enjoy a delicious reward?!


Glico Man Caramel

The company ‘Glico’ has been producing these signature caramel treats since 1935. The delicious heart-shaped caramels symbolize a human’s heart and their signature “running man” featured as the company’s mascot and logo, all intended to represent good health!

The company’s catchphrase “300 meters in a single race” symbolizes the exact number of calories a man would need to enter a 300-meter race.

In addition to the yummy caramels, a small toy is included, encouraging kids to stay healthy even more. Today, Glico caramels still remain a strong, delicious treat for all to enjoy!

What did you enjoy the most out of these yummy snacks? ^O^

  1. I loved the purple sweet potato sticks, I might need to get me some more and the caramel had almost an orange taste at first which was awesome. I have been trying to space out the treats so I haven’t tried everything but so far my favorite so far is between the sweet potato sticks and thunder bars.

  2. there were a number of items in the crate today that had no english labelling, could you please provide me with this information, because i am a vegetarian and want to know what i can and cannot enjoy.
    a suggested improvement even to your booklet that you include, would to provide in a simple fashion, this information by marking with a (V) on the item descriptions where no english labelling has been provided on the actual item.
    Again in the mean time, can you provide this information for this november crate, as it would be much appreciated, as i dont want to risk eating it in the mean time because of my ethical viewpoint.