December’s Salty vs. Sweet

salty vs sweet

December’s crates include a variety of both salty and sweet snacks, from soy sauce to orange flavors! Let’s learn all about them ^.^




Umaibo Sticks

This time around, we’ve included 3 different flavors of the popular Umaibo sticks: Tonkatsu (Pork Cutlet), Veggie Salad, and Cheese. Each one has a very unique and delicious taste with a light crunch. Which one was your favorite?>

Black Bean & Soy Sauce Scones

These delicious scones were released in 1987 and have been a delicious, salty favorite in Japan ever since! This flavor, which is one of the newer additions, uses natural cedar barrels and Tamba black beans that were aged for two years. The result is a rich, raw, black bean soy taste!

Other popular flavors include: garlic, nori salt, potato salad, meat and potato, refreshing plum, chunky hot chili, salt and vinegar, and wasabi. Which ones would you want to try?



Fujiya Lollipop Bag

Fujiya is a very famous confectionary company and chain of restaurants in Japan, in which its kawaii mascots Peko-chan and Poko-chan are instantly recognizable. These lollipops are packed with yummy flavors, including orange, grape, apple, and strawberry. Each lollipop is imprinted with a cute animal shape, contains green tea extract, and is friendly on your teeth!

Naga-i Sawagumi Orange

This sugary sweet may or may not last for long, depending on if you share or not! The sour gummy tape is coated in sugar and has a delicious, sweet, orange taste. The tape is long enough to share with your friends… but also tasty enough to enjoy all by yourself (don’t worry, we won’t tell!)

Hia Shuwa Cola

We love when our favorite sodas can be incorporated into a variety of candies, like with the Hia Shuwa Cola candy! The cola flavored adventure has 3 different flavors, including fizzy, soothing, and gummy. Each bag also contains one, big, tropical flavored hard candy. Yum!



Which salty & sweet treat was your favorite?

    1. That’s funny. I was gonna say that this is my first box and it was missing the Umaibo sticks:(
      Still super excited getting the subscription as a gift.

  1. The Black Bean and Soy Sauce scones were my favorite! So yummy! and the Umaibo Sticks were a win!

  2. The Black Bean and Soy Sauce scones were delicious!! I liked how different the flavor was! 🙂

  3. Love love love the soda candies, but mine don’t match the write up. I do have 3 different flavors, but none of them are gummy, and there’s more than 1 of the amazing tropical candies in there. This is not a complaint at all, as the soda candies are delicious and the tropical candies are out of this world amazing.