January ~ A Bouquet of Flavors!


January’s crate had a variety of delicious flavors! We had a hard time picking our favorite one… so here are a few that we really enjoyed!!

japancrate-strawberry shortcake-1

JU-C Short Cake

These sweet ‘chip’ candies really tasted like strawberry short cake! Curious as to why there were candles on the package? Well that’s because it’s the 50th Anniversary of the sweet! Happy Anniversary Ju-C!!!



Asahi Calpis Gummy

Delicious gummies flavored after a traditional Japanese drink~! Calpis, AKA Calpico is a carbonated milky drink chock full of calcium! The gummies in the January Crate incorporate the drink directly into the candy in a gel form! Delicious!

japancrate-orang soda-1

Sparkling Orange Gummy

Pon Sparkling Orange is a super refreshing drink! Amazing on hot summer days in Japan, and also full of Vitamin C. That’s why the gummy version of this soft drink is perfect for the cold winter months! There was a really nice balance of sour on these!


Usushi / Ume Potato Chips

Do you watch Himouto! Umaru-chan? If yes, then you may have recognized these chips! We had two different types in the January Crate. Umaru’s favorite ~ Ushishi, a nice balanced salty chip that is perfect to eat with sweets. Or Ume ~ a super tasty Japanese pickled plum flavor! Which one did you get?

japancrate-yam choco-1

Yam White Chocolates

Oh boy… oh boy, oh boy. Sweet Potato is a very traditional flavor in Japanese sweets, so being given the chance to share a treat like this is, well, it’s a real TREAT! The great balance of earthy from the sweet potato along with the creamy of the white chocolate has made this a favorite of ours from the January Crate!

So how about it!?  Which treat from this bouquet was -YOUR- favorite?

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  1. The Yam White chocolates are my favorite! I’d love to see more “weird-flavored” items like it. 😀

  2. I was just wondering were all the January crates supposed to contain the ju-c candy? Because if so I didn’t receive it in mine?

  3. I really enjoyed the Yam white chocolates the most. I loved them so much I went out and bought Japanese Yams from my favorite local store in town. I even woke up my boyfriend and asked him
    To hand me some at 4am. I was craving really badly! Yeah the yam chocolates where my favorite!

  4. The Ushishi chips were the finest most wonderful chips we’ve had in our lives, to the point we are seeking them at local Asian grocers now. Hubby loved the Calpis gummies and the orange ones. I loved the Yam chocolates despite their extreme sweetness to almost Western levels of sweet. I liked the shortcake wafers, husband hated the texture, he ate all the grape Hi-Chew for me, and the gums (I dislike gum but liked the pokemom pineapple flavor nonetheless), and I enjoyed the milk chocolate pocky and the Hello Kitty Ichigo Pretz were also oishi!!! I loved the ichigo pretz so much! Japan Crate – Oishi!i!