Kawaii Friends in February’s Crate


Part of this month’s Doki Doki Crate were a series of wooden whistles, bookmarks and pens! We loved how adorable these little guys were!!



doki-doki-crate-kawaii-animals-penWhether you got a little black cat, a rabbit, frog or someone else, we thought these pens were all super cute!! It’s a pen? Yes!! It’s a pen!  Just flip the body of your buddy around and you’ll be able to surprise all your friends when you reveal to everyone that your critter is more than just a kawaii accessory!


Toot toot toot a little tune for us~! Once again our kitties, frogs and rabbits are back, but this time as whistles! We’ve been using this little guy as a keychain with the last items in the family to help remind us to take some time each day to read.

doki-doki-crate-kawaii-bookmarkWho doesn’t need an adorable companion helping you keep track of where you are in your favorite book? A cute addition to any modern hot novel, or literary classic! You can’t go wrong with this bookmark!

Enjoying your Doki Doki Crate!? We would love to see how you’re accessorizing with these new additions to your cute cute family!