March’s Doki Doki Crate Revealed!

Foodie Fun ~ The March Doki Doki Crate

Bento products from Torune, and miniatures by one of our new partners, Re-Ment, are the base for this food-themed crate! Let’s take a look at what was included!

We’re so happy to be able to offer everyone Re-Ment products!! As an official distributor for Re-Ment you can be guaranteed a ton of really fun items heading your way! This month we included two different Re-Ment blind boxes.


Re-Ment Curry Plates
Fans of curry will enjoy these super detailed miniatures! In addition to the rice plate they also come with tiny utensils & the insert can act as a place mat! This blind box comes in six different flavors including Homestyle Curry, Indian Curry & Rice, Katsu Curry, Fried Egg Curry, Dry Curry & European Curry Rice



Re-Ment Onigiri
These adorable miniature rice balls also double as a fun key chain! They come in six varieties. Umeboshi Plum, Grilled Onigiri, Festive Red Rice, Tempura Onigiri, Tea Rice & White Rice, and Tuna With Mayo. All of these sound delicious…

We hope that you’re excited to get creative in the kitchen, because we’re hoping to help blossom a passion for Bento! Torune is a Japanese company that specializes in Bento accessories and will help you make sure your lunch is super kawaii!


Torune – Bento Boxes
This pack of three Bento Boxes will help you ease into the world of Bento! Easy to fold together & insulated to make sure that any hot dish retains heat! (Note: Bento Boxes are not microwave safe.)

bento (1)

Torune – Bento Box Food Cups
These charming containers will help you separate some of the flavors in the lunches you put together! The cups are well reinforced so as not to get soggy & feature adorable sushi characters!

Torune – Space Food Picks
Need to hold your sandwich triangles together? These food picks will help you do just that! Dress up other items too! Croquettes, onigiri, or even just place one in your potato salad!

Torune – Kawaii Sauce Holders
Sauces can be a key element to a dish, and these little containers are a great way to make sure that your lunch doesn’t get doused with too much of it! Use the little funnel to fill each of these cute animal bottles with soy sauce, tonkatsu sauce, or whatever your lunch may need!

You may want to keep track of the recipes that you’re trying out, so we wanted to include a couple items to help you do just that!

pens (1)

Geisha Pens
What’s better than one pen!? Two pens!! This pair of pens sport a kawaii Geisha! Use the pen along with your cute animal notepad to keep track of all your progress as you work your favorite recipes into Bento sized portions!


Kawaii Notebook
This little notepad will help you keep organized in the kitchen as you craft amazing dishes. We love how cute these are and hope you do too!

We have also included a few squishies in this months crate along with some very special stickers!!

donuts (1)

Donut Squishy
These mini donut charms are tons of fun! The sprinkles are incredibly cute!! Once unpacked they’ll even take on the smell of a sweet donut!!


Cat Paw Cookie Squishy
Beans beans beans~!!! These little cat paw cookies are incredibly cute!!! Give them a squish and decorate your phone, 3DS or keys with the charm!


Artist Series Stickers
Have you noticed that we have a different artist draw the covers of each Doki Doki Crate? In addition to illustrating our covers this month’s artist Kate has put together a cute set of stickers showing the many different way you can enjoy eggs! Our in-house illustrator has put together a cute set of stickers that transform birds into onigiri! We hope you enjoy them!!!

Make sure to share your Bento creations with us using hashtag #dokibento!

We hope that you all enjoyed the March Doki Doki Crate! We have an amazing crate in store for April as well which will include items from two new partners, Amuse and Hoppe Chan’s Sun-Hoseki!!

Get April’s crate here!

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