Announcing Monthly Hoppe Chans!

hoppe chan

Who is Hoppe Chan?

Hoppe Chan is a super cute cream-shaped creature from Japan! She has a huge following in Japan, as Hoppe Chan is quite rare and usually only available at a few select stores in Japan.

We are so excited to announce that we are exlusive partners with Hoppe Chan to bring her to the U.S. in our Doki Doki crates! Each month we will have a different series of Hoppe Chan in our crates, so get pumped for Hoppe Chan galore!!!

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ひかりほっぺ制作過程1Known for her cute squishy cheeks, and high-quality, Hoppe Chan can be seen everywhere in Japan. She comes in various different colors and forms, including a cat-eared version, hamburger topper Hoppe Chan, glow in the dark version, and a Hoppe Chan that changes color in the sun! Every Hoppe Chan is amazingly detailed and are all hand-made, so each Hoppe Chan is special and made with care ^_^. If you are ever in Shibuya, Tokyo, don’t forget to check out the Hoppe Chan store for exclusive merchandise. Not only can you see Hoppe Chan in stores, but she is also featured in several games and collaborations! Hello Kitty Hoppe Chan Sui Kore was created as a part of Hello Kitty’s fortieth anniversary celebrations. The games let you play with a mini Hello Kitty Hoppe’s, where you can create baked goods and share it with friends. Hoppehoppe-chan-hello-kitty-sui-kore Chan rules!

Made by Sunhoseki, a company dedicated to making cute accessories, Hoppe Chan is extremely popular amongst young elementary school girls. Sunhoseki is a quite well established company in the cute accessory world, as many of their items are online exclusives and they have events all over Japan to promote their accessories. Often, there will be lines of hundreds of people trying to get their hands on an exclusive Sunhoseki Hoppe Chan products, so we at Japan Crate just made it easier for you to collect more Hoppe Chans!

The History of Hoppe Chan

decodenHoppe Chan’s background story is a pretty interesting one. She was created five years ago by a decoden artist who had leftover silicon. Decoden is a decorating trend that is characterized by its DIY-style, whimsical 3D collage design, pretty plastic pieces, buttercream icing-like glue and oven-baked clay figurines. If you go to Harajuku district in Tokyo you may see a lot of young girls carrying outrageous phone cases – that is the decoden trend! The artist created several teardrop silicon figures, attaching jewel eyes and cute decoden-style accessories, and thus Hoppe Chan was born!  You can see the similarities Hoppe Chan and the decoden trend, which also explains why Hoppe Chan is so sparkly and cute!

I hope you learned a lot about one of our favorite cream-shaped creatures! We can’t wait for you all to get your very own Hoppe Chan in your next crate. Let us know which Hoppe Chan you got and which one is your favorite!




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