April Shipping Update


Hello everyone!

Once again we have to ask you for your patience and to bear with us through a short delay in shipping for your April Japan Crates.  Since everything in our crates comes directly from Japan, we have to get it to the US for inspection and FDA approval before we can send it to our subscribers. In the last year, our receiving port (Port of Oakland) has been dealing with some frustrating issues and some of those issues have affected our shipping times.

At each turn, we have been working to find fixes to avoid delays in shipping. Sadly, we’re not immune to hurdles. Last week the port closed for a full day over labor disputes. Chaos ensued. The closure caused backups and confusion with the incoming cargo, and we received notice that one of our shipping containers went missing.  Murphy’s law.  

The good news is that we were able to locate the missing items by working with the port. The bad news is that shipping will be a few days late this month due to the issues. As a thank you for your patience, there will be an extra bonus item for all subscribers in April’s crate as well as all May’s crates. 

We’re doing everything we can to make your wait as short as possible, but we still want to apologize for any delays in the delivery of your goodies.  We want to be prepared to beat delays no matter what happens, so we’ve completely restructured our ordering system to allow for buffering time.  We’re now ordering and planning 4 months ahead of time, and we’ve moved into a much larger warehouse to support this type of long term planning.  We can confidently say that even if we are hit with another delay from the ports, it will not affect shipping dates again.  

Not all news is bad news. There are some big announcements coming this month regarding some top secret stuff that we’ve been hard at work on that’ll improve the entire Japan Crate experience, so please keep your eye out!  

We want you to know that we appreciate your support and we couldn’t make this dream a reality without all of you in the Japan Crate family.

  1. We’ve been subscribed for 5 months. Of those, 3 have been delayed and had issues. I do not feel it’s in our interest to continue on subscription when the best you can offer is some promise of an extra something the following month. In one case the item missing was a premium item and the “extra” was simply not on par with a diy kit (which is what was missed the previous month). Not a good track record.

    1. Hey Lori! Happy 5 month anniversary! We’re sad that it fell on the months we were having trouble, but through those issues we learned what to do to prevent future delays. We’re confident that we can now avoid any future shipping delays, and we have some really awesome news coming about Japan Crate very soon. We hope you still love us (๑◕︵◕๑)

    2. Its a delay for a few days not months. They are honestly trying their best and you’re not the only one being affected so it’s not like there can be an extravagant and expensive gift included to apologize for your troubles. They also went out of their way to update everyone on everything that is happening when most companies would leave it be, you will get it when you get it.

      1. Yea. My crate came today and honestly,..it wasn’t that bad this being my first crate and all. I ordered for next month a doki doki crate as well as the 30$ premium crate because I want more snack. Hopefully in the future nothing but improvements happen with the company. (^_^)

        1. Hey Jaymi,

          We’re so happy you enjoyed your first crate! We do everything we can to constantly make your experience the best it can possibly be. Stay tuned for a big announcement later this month!

    3. This is my second month ordering for birthday gifts and both months of having delays due to the shipping ports. The March one came in time and it sounds like the April one will come in time also. No complaints, though, the crates are worth the wait!!! And it’s great that you send out emails keeping us up to date. Things happen. No worries!

    4. I agree Lori. My replacement items for the DIY kit looked like someone grabbed random stuff off their desk and threw it in my box. There was literally just a plain black ball point pen. I unsubscribed because they have me no solution to the issue. I redid my subscription for April because they sent me a $10 coupon. So now my first month back and there’s issues again! I tried Tokyo Treat and have had no issues for the first 2 months. My second box even came way earlier than they said it would!

  2. This is my first time getting your crate & this swift update is amazing. Shows I chose the right company to get & try Japanese goodies from. Thank you 🙂

    1. We’re so happy to hear that! Thank you for your patience! We also have some exciting changes coming up so we’re excited to hear your reaction when we announce them! Welcome to the Japan Crate family ⁽(◍˃̵͈̑ᴗ˂̵͈̑)⁽

  3. I am very fine with it being a little late if we get awesome cool stuff! The ramen bowl keychain is so cute and worth a few days of waiting You guys hang in there!

  4. I greatly appreciate this update. While I’m super anxious to receive my first crate, I understand shipping delays are very much a reality, and sympathize with everyone else frustrated by them. I’m glad Japan Crate is optimistic about its new plan. even without the mystery bonus items, for the promise of authentic candy straight from my home (military brat) , I can tell you, the wait will be well worth it.

    1. Thank you so much for the kind words, Lori! We started off to make it easier for everyone to experience Japan from around the world, which means taking on the challenge of getting it from Japan to the US. This should be the last time crates are shipped late! We can’t wait to see what you think of your first crate, and welcome to the family! o(^▽^)o

  5. Thanks for at least letting us know, I hope you’ll be able to get all this sorted out so you have a lot less issues! I’ll keep an eye out for my crate info and I wish you all the best! Thanks for being so considerate and wonderful to let us all know!

  6. Thanks Japan Crate! I know this is frustrating for you guys but we really appreciate your hard work! We enjoy the goodies every month. Keep it up! Take care-

    1. Thank you! We want to get everyone their candy as soon as we possibly can, so we know exactly how you feel! We hope you love this month’s crate ✧⁺⸜(●′▾‵●)⸝⁺✧

  7. Well looks like I’ll miss out on May’s bonus. I canceled my subscription and planned on coming back later when the shipping issues got worked out. This makes the third month in a row there has been some kind of issue.

    1. Hey John,

      We apologize for the extra time to ship crates. The port issues have been frustrating, but now we have all new systems in place to counter any sort of delays we may see in the future. We promise it’s safe to come back, and that May’s crates will definitely be shipping on time (ᴖ◡ᴖ)

  8. Those Crazy port delays seam to effect everyone these days. No sweat your loyal Japan Crate fans are more then happy to wait for more Japanese goodness to be delivered right to our doorsteps.

  9. Its okay Japan Crate ! My partner and I still love you and await the yummyness of our second crate. The first one was so much fun to get, open up, and try together. Thanks for taking care of business and getting things going even better!!!

  10. I think this will be my 12th crate. I’m hoping this really is the last delayed one. I find them irksome, but I fully understand that these things happen . I’m sure it’s much more frustrating for the members of the company than for the subscribers. Since you will now be planning 4 months ahead, how will that affect the freshness of the products?

  11. No worries!! I’m sure each of us has made someone wait and had to apologize! I’m excited for my daughter to get her first box as she truly loves Japan!! All the stories I told her when I was there (military brat) have made her want to go and since it’s too expensive, I’ll bring it to her!!

    1. Thank you for your support! We’re so happy to hear that we can help bring Japan to her o(^∀^*)o Be sure to let us know her reaction when she gets her first one!!

  12. I think your product is a great idea and we’ve been subscribing since December 2015. That said, we are tired of the delays and are cancelling our subscription. It’s just not worth it to pay $30 a month to keep getting let down with these delays.

    1. Hey Donna, we’re sorry to see you go. (。•́︿•̀。) Rest assured that we are running on better systems now to avoid future delays. We’re also including a bonus in all April + May crates, and we have a BIG announcement coming for current subscribers this month. We hope to see you again, and that you loved all your crates!!

  13. I have no issue waiting on the crates, you can’t control the the ports and things like this happen. You guys are doing your best. You’re one of my favourite services for Japanese candies. And I have to agree with an above comment, those ,little ramen bowls were worth the wait. I want to snag more in the future, they’re so dang cute.

    1. Hey Andrea, your support means so much to us!! The delays are behind us, and more fun bonuses are in front of us! Thanks for being part of the family, we’re happy to hear that you enjoyed the mini ramen bowls!

  14. It’s a shame that you seem to be having these shipping problems, I can just imagine the panic you go through! Even when I have had boxes in the past get lost due to shipping and Recently my DokiDoki boxes have been sent with extra costs due to customs (so much of my money gone! TT^TT), I still completely enjoy and look forward to every single box.. and I personally love the bonus items you give when such problems have had happened. I’ll probably get in contact soon if the Customs problem continues to happen with more information upon it, I’ve already been told why it happens and that it can be stopped with a simple change. Anyway, Thanks for telling us! I’ll continue my support and buy my boxes! ʕっ•ᴥ•ʔっ

  15. Japan crate is amazing, delays happen but it’s all worth it in the end. People seem to forget that everything is coming from half way across the world, I would only cancel in the event of a kaiju attack.

  16. I have been a subscriber for 8 months now. We very much love our boxes. They make my 4 year old daughter excited for many days waiting for it to arrive. Frequently, sometimes multiple times an hour, checking our doorstep…
    That in mind, receiving delay notices is heartbreaking. Truely depressing, as we have a day in mind to build up the anticipation, and then, are told no – not coming till… sometime… later.
    Last time it was almost half way through the month, a full 10-15 days overdue. We didnt really care when it arrived. After 6-7 boxes of habitually as a family opening them together and savoring the flavours, this one sat… sad, poorly, and without its family to be for a few more days in our kitchen. My wife made the comment that we dont need all the sweets and there are other monthly subscriptions we should consider.

    I promptly renewed my next 6 months, minutes later, before she made up her mind.
    Japan crate, you have created something that has made me a happy dad for many months. Your delays, albeit out of your control (truely), hurt our impression deeply, perhaps irrepairably. I strongly encourage and recommend others to subscribe, it really is a wonderful service, especially knowing we are all through the growing pains.

    It needed to be brought to your attention truely how important a subscription service maintains its deadlines, AND QUALITY CONTROL. Beware if you send us damaged or spoiled product, my wife will reject furutre crates beyond my control.

    I am sure you have seen a drop in subscribers, now that delays are sorted, address the commentor above (the only one you didnt respond to) about quality control storing so many months in advance.

    Hopefully i can win my wife back these next 6 months with your awesome surprise announcement and EARLY arrival of crates and perhaps some more ramune drinks? (We know they are not cheep, thats why i suggest them as a powerful bonus)

  17. Ah nothing to fret over, you all are doing the best you can. I’ve been subbed for what will now be month 4. Sure 3 of them have been delayed, but I really don’t mind. Thanks for all the extras you guys have been putting in the JapanCrates. Keep up the good work!

  18. I’ve been a subscriber since January and each month I’m so excited to get my crate. I admit the multiple delays have been disappointing but as long as I get my crate then I don’t mind. And the delays aren’t even that long in my opinion, they could be way worse. I’m subscribed to you guys because you deliver amazing Japanese goodies, not because you ship the first week of the month. And I’m sure you guys all work hard to try and accomplish that. Thanks for keeping your subscribers informed and even more so the bonus items that we get!

  19. Hi Japan Crate this is my first time subscribing here and seeing this news is a little devastating because i was really excited for my box to come in, but no worries I am glad you sent this notice out because it shows you care about all of your Japan Crate family members and are trying to fix the problem where as other subscriptions do not seem to care as much as you do. Anyways, I wish you the best and hope you get this issued solved. 🙂

  20. Your delay emails/blog posts are always so cute and informative. Many other sites just tell me there is a delay and don’t tell me why or just don’t tell me. I don’t mind waiting.

  21. Thank you for the update. Shipping issues happen. Bad/broken items happen. Missing items happen. They just seem to happen so much to japancrate. I canceled the doki doki crate because the items last month werent worth it. i could easily find them all online. My daughters loved doing the bento boxes for the first time but they have already lost everything else at school. This months dokidoki looked better, but not really what i am looking for. My kids and I love the premium crate. we get to try new things. its the missing items we do not like. Still waiting on the missing mokomoko diy.

  22. No worries! Despite a few delays your service has been phenomenal! This will be my 8th crate and I’m super excited. It’s always the highlight of my month.
    On a quick sidenote I did have one issue with the Valentine’s themed crate. The DIY chocolate kit specifically. When I went to melt the chocolate down to pour in the molds it well.. wouldn’t. It got mushy and then started burning. So that was unfortunate. It’s not that big of a deal though. Just thought I’d share 😛

    In any case, keep up the great work JC! Lots of love from Hawaii.

  23. Wow why do people react this way? Delays happen with international shipping. Be glad they offer this service! For me it will be my first crate and seeing this quick update to keep us in the loop, shows me I was right in choosing Japan Crate 🙂 It costs me (including shipping) $45, you don’t hear me complain… Keep up the good work guys! What I saw so far here and on Twitter (Ninaeldir) you make a huge effort for your subscribers and that is rare with most companies you got my support!

  24. Been subscribed for almost a year now and I just wanted to say thank you. Despite delays by weather, Port troubles or giant sea monsters (okay, probably not that last one) It’s never really seemed like anything you guys had much control over but you’ve always been up front about what’s been going on and the quality of the crates has always been excellent. So I don’t mind waiting a few extra days for my box of goodies, So, thanks again and I’m definitely looking forward to this crate as well as whatever goodies you have in store for the future! 😀

  25. I really appreciate the fact that you’ve let us know there was a delay most companies don’t even do this so I do not mind at all that there is. Really can’t wait to try this out I have never had a crate in general before and this was one my first sign up. I am really excited as I am a massive fan of Japan and the culture and cuisine that they make, so really pumped to try this out. I have really high hopes and can’t wait to try this out! ^^ ¯\_(◕▽◕)┐ ¯\_(◕▽◕)_/¯ ┌(◕▽◕)_/¯ ☆*:. o(≧▽≦)o .:*☆

  26. Thanks for the update guys! This is my second month and I love it. You guys have been really awesome, and responsive to any problems or concerns I’ve experienced which is 100 times better than some other create subscriptions I’ve had. This is frustrating for the time being but it’s totally worth the wait!!

  27. Considering the cost of other packages that promise the same thing your do, i am more then happy to wait a day or two longer to receive our order considering many sites can take a month to get you your order. To top it off your doki doki crate came so fast this month we were caught by complete surprise when it came. My family and I really appreciate the effort you put into making each box a unique and exciting experience.

  28. This is the first Japan crate I’ve bought. I’m so excited. I’ve been checking the mail for two days now. I alter got the Doki Doki crate and I just loved it. It was everything I was expecting. I’m looking very forward to getting my candy. Thanks for the update. 😀

  29. my boyfriend and I love opening these together and munching on them all month long! We couldn’t care less about the delays. Although I am very glad that they won’t happen anymore I didn’t mind them anyways. Thanks flor the amazing Service you guys provide by keeping us informed! I love you guys <3

  30. This is my first time ordering Japan Crate and while I am a little disappointed in the delay, the disappointment is with the port and not with Japan Crate. I am very happy I chose to subscribe to a company willing to update and work with their customers and spend time, money, and resources fixing problems. Can’t wait to get my first crate. Keep up the good work Japan Crate!

  31. I really enjoy Japan Crate, and so look forward to my second crate! I don’t mind a small wait, from the sound of it its not something Japan Crate could really help, I really appreciate you guys being open and communicating with us about it! I’m actually kind of sorry that the port misplaced some of your items ; ; least you were able to locate them , but that’s not a hassle Japan Crate should really need to deal with. I hope you have better luck next month!

  32. This is my first subscription and thank you for informing us the updates. It’s no biggie. Looking forward to all the goodies as long as our crates won’t miss any items and in good order! Thanks again!

  33. Oh wow, I grab one crate and it has port problems, come back again to see if I truly wish to sub and port problems again. I would be the one to have such bad luck right? But never fear! If I love Japan Crate as much as I did the first time, I shall be subbing for good. =^m^=

  34. I’ve been a member since last June & while yes, there have been several issues with the port, Japan Crate has always been open & honest about what’s going on and is earnest about fixing the issues. I’m glad you guys have found a way to prevent future delays, Keep up the good work guys, I’ll be waiting patiently for this month’s crate ^_^

    1. Hey Jaime! Thank you for being so awesome (≧∇≦)/ We can’t wait for you to get your crate, and we think you’ll be really excited about the news we have coming later this month. Thanks for being part of the family!

  35. This is my fourth box and honestly I don’t mind the delays as of I focus on school and don’t worry about it plus my job time will go by as well and I really excited about this month’s crate I am looking forward for it. I will be waiting for it on my doorsteps when it gets there.

    1. Thank you Kerstie!! We know it’s hard to wait for your goodies, but it makes it that much better when they do arrive! We hope you love your crate!

  36. I started my Japan Crate subscription this year and out of the 3 crate deliveries that have been sent to me 2 have been delayed and now this is the 3rd one to be delayed. Even so, I still enjoy when the box comes in and I get to open it up and see all the goodies I’m getting. The delay is only a few days so it’s not the big of a problem. I have ordered items from other sites where they get delayed for months. I do hope you get the shipping problem fixed but I still plan to keep my subscription while the bugs are worked out.

  37. Hi! I’m getting the April crate for my boyfriends birthday! He’s incredibly excited (couldn’t keep it a secret haha). Do you I would have it in by the 18th? Thanks so much!!(:

  38. 私は正しいだ場合の遅延は、約5または6ヶ月間続いています。それは残念です。今日は日本のクレートが供給を楽しみにしていました…

    1. Hey Kilah, nobody has received April’s Japan Crate just yet. We were able to ship a few out yesterday, and more today but nobody has received theirs just yet. Sorry for the delay! They will all be in the mail very soon!

  39. I don’t think a few extra days of waiting is going to kill me. I do appreciate being told ahead of time that they will be late and getting a little bonus item is really nice as they don’t have to do that. I hope everything goes well that we won’t have anymore delays 🙂

  40. I’m really excited to get my crate! Don’t really mind having to wait a couple extra days because of this problem; just shows the items are actually coming from Japan. I’m really hoping there will be something sakura flavored in this crate!

  41. You guys have the best customer service of any business I have ever worked with. As someone said, most companies would just keep quiet about the delay but you guys tackle the issue head on. I’ve had to deal with late payments and things of the sort and I’m not sure how many people work in your customer service department but I always get Yuri and she is truly a pleasure to work with. I think this will be my 8th or 9th crate and I’ve loved everyone so far. I can’t wait for my April crate to show up on my door step so I can enjoy the treats from Japan (which by the way is my favorite country and I’ve been there once!) I can’t wait to hear about the big news coming for you guys. Also if Yuri is reading this (or someone can pass it on to her) I told her back at the end of November about a vet appointment, but sadly my best friend didn’t make it very long.

  42. A little delay never hurt anyone! I appreciate JapanCraye and their awesome customer service. They are always upfront and open when something happens, and they accommodate when truly, the delay is out of their control. JapanCrate you rock! I subscribe to the snacks and the DokiDoki box and I love them. It’s a unique subscription box when the company has such clear communication, other sub riptide boxes wouldn’t even tell you about the delay and they sure wouldn’t add a little bonus item! Keep up the good work JapanCrate. Love you guys!!!

  43. I find it ridiculous that people think a port delay is your companies fault! You’ve updated us as quickly as possible and you’ve added a bonus to our crates. This is my 2nd crate and I think you’re company is amaaaaaazing. Keep up the great work 🙂

  44. I can’t wait to get my crate! I love trying different things and I got the premium package so it’ll defiantly be worth waiting for. Thank you for the update!

  45. This is my first time with Japan crate, I got charged twice and haven’t got one crate yet. I also tried contacting yall twice about this but have not received a reply yet. Whats up you guys?

    1. Hey Ethan, if you signed up during the first week or so, it’s possible you’ll renew before you receive your first crate. We’re in the process of updating our billing cycle so that this no longer happens. We’re showing that emails are responded to within 24 hours so you should definitely have a response. Please try sending one more email to [email protected]!

  46. This will be my first crate and I’m glad I got a notification telling me there’s a delay. Shows you how dedicated this company is. I can’t wait.

  47. I have be with Japan Crate for ten months, I have loved every crate I get and so has my family. I do not mind it being late. I get really excided to find out what is there each month. Please keep up the great work. Can’t wait to see this months crate.. ☺️

  48. This is our first time ordering this subscription crate to test it out and hopefully make an unboxing video. We appreciate the update as we were getting anxious on this end and hope it is all worth it in the end! Can’t wait to see what new stuff y’all come up with later too!

  49. While the delays make me sad (let’stand face it, I need my snacks!), I hardly blame Japan Crate for them. It’s not like they’re sitting around and laughing at us. Plenty of companies would be happy to not give us anything to make up for the delays, so be thankful that you’re subscribed to a company that wants to try and make it up however they can and give updates on the matter! Omnomnom on, my dears!

  50. I appreciate the notification as I was starting to wonder. Port closures are not something within your control. This is my first ever box, and I’m on the fence about subscribing beyond just one month. How will the new ordering system affect the freshness of the products?

  51. International shipping is a pain. A few day delay is no big deal and I probably wouldn’t have even noticed that it was late if Japan Crate didn’t tell me. I am impressed with Japan for sending the email. This will be my first crate and I look forward to receiving it.

  52. No problem on our end with the delay. It sucks but port labor disputes are not your fault. This crate is just too much fun to give up because of some silly delays. I’m so glad you guys came up with a new system, but my only question is how will this affect seasonal items?

    1. Hey Anna! This will actually help us with seasonal items as we’ll have more lead time for the candy manufacturers to prepare our order quantity rather than buying out their entire inventory!

  53. I have not received my tracking information and I have tried to email the email that was attached to the one sent to my email and it keeps saying error. It’s the 11th and I haven’t gotten anything.

      1. I thought that bonus item was for the delay on March’s crate! You guys aren’t being consistent with your bonus items for delays 🙁

  54. It’s one thing to have shipping delays. It’s another that you gave your subscribers two snacks this month, the two significant savory ones, comprising way more of the item cost/value than the dagashi you use a lot of (I love dagashi, actually, but you gotta admit fue ramune and umaibou go for pocket change), made with shrimp. It’s the most common food allergy in the USA, where you’re based. It’s a real letdown to pay for food I can’t eat, but you don’t even include nutritional information in English on all your food! Seriously, why that ingredient, when Japanese snacks have so many great ones?

    Is there any way to mark yourself as having allergies? What about kid subscribers who might not be so careful?

      1. God, I can’t wait until the year is up. Why on earth did I sign up for a full year to get things you can find at the local Target?
        I didn’t get a “bonus item,” by the way, but that’s okay. I have enough bootleg crap.

  55. I was just curious, but is this why march’s crates haven’t arrived yet? I haven’t gotten my premium crate or my umai crate yet…and i normally have them by now.