Make Your Own Teru Teru Bozo

 Teru Teru Bozo

Whenever it rains in Japan, you can find little dolls handing from the windows and displays. Ever watch an anime or Japanese movie and saw one of these hanging in the background?

てるてる坊主 or Teru Teru Bozu, are little dolls that are made to help keep the rain away! Teru means “shine” and bozu means “monk”. These little monk-like dolls look like ghosts that Western cultures would make for Halloween, however in Japanese culture, they are amulets to help bring good weather. You can find them as plushies, cell phone charms, or as figures, but people mostly make them at home!

They’re super easy to make and you can use items from around the house.

You will need:

  • Three sheets of tissue.
  • Some string or ribbon.
  • A marker.


  1.  Take one tissue and ball it up. Take another tissue and wrap it around the ball to make a bigger ball.
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  2.  Take the last tissue and place the ball in the center. Gather the tissue around the ball to create a ghost shape.
  3.  Use your ribbon or string to tie a bow to create a neck. Be sure to leave some extra string so that you can hang your teru teru bozu later.Blog9Blog10
  4.  Draw a face!

You’re done! You can hang your new friend in the window.
Some people like to make their teru teru bozu using white cloth and cotton stuffing. You can get creative and use colored fabric, add on accessories, or draw an elaborate face. How will you make your teru teru bozu? Will you go for the traditional all white, or will you add on your own unique style? Show us your creations on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter by using the tag #japancrate!

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