July’s Café Themed Japan Crate

Take a look inside July’s Café themed crate





Punifuwa Happy Nikukyuu Peach Gummies
Nothing is cuter than a kitten’s pink paw, and these gummies mimic just that! These paw shaped peach gummies are a favorite among the Japan Crate staff for their lovely peach flavor and their adorable shape!



Caramel Kari Kari Twist 
The perfect crunch with sweet-toasty caramel flavor, these twists are a Japan Crate staff favorite. One staff member described the flavor as being “..how a donut smells”. What do you think?



Maroshuwa Peach Soda 
Did you know that Japanese peaches are white and pink? They’re also known to be incredibly juicy and have a light, candylike flavor, so a sip of this soda is almost like taking a big bite out of a peach!




Saku Saku Panda Anniversary Chocolat Torte Cookies 
Celebrating SakuSaku Panda’s 20th anniversary, we have a fancier take on the panda shaped chocolate biscuits! These cookies are made to look like a chocolate torte with 3 layers. With a crunchy cocoa biscuit on the bottom, chocolate mousse with chocolate sauce in the middle, and milk chocolate top, this cookie is incredibly rich. Any chocolate lover would enjoy this!




Morokoshi Wa Taro Doubanjiang Flavor 
This Morokashi Wataro comes in a chili and fermented bean paste flavor, doubanjiang. Paired with the airiness of the corn puffs, this snack is addicting!



Paicro Sugar & Butter Flavor 
Another Japan Crate staff favorite, Paicro puffs have a delicious buttery flavor that we can’t get enough of. Just like a good croissant, these go well with coffee. We find it totally acceptable if you eat the bag in one sitting!





Yaokin Cocobis Biscuits
Crispy biscuits with a hint of coconut, these go great with tea or coffee.




Takaoka Chocolate Flakes 
A popular item in dagashi stores, chocolate covered corn flakes are an old Japanese favorite. Simple but yummy, we love to snack on these when we’re in the mood for a little sweet.


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Sumiyaki Coffee Candy 
Sumiyaki coffee is made with beans that were charcoal roasted. The end result is a dark, bold, and smooth flavor. These hard candies offer a great balance to this month’s crate and will be a favorite for any coffee lover!




Yokai Watch Jellly Drink DIY 
This month’s DIY kit comes from the popular anime and game series, Yokai Watch! The color changing concoction will turn into a refreshing cola-flavored jelly drink that comes in a collectible cup featuring the yokai, Jibanyan!



Animal Kid Biscuits 
A different take on Animal Crackers, Animal Kid cookies are vanilla biscuits that come with adorable animal prints. Which designs did you get in your box?




Milk Flavored Chocolate 
You’ve had milk chocolate, but what about milk flavored chocolate? These little chocolates come in a sweet milk flavor!




Maruta Mini Bottle 
A popular “dagashi” or old-style Japanese sweet, Mini Bottles were made to look like little soda bottles! Twist open the caps to pour out some of the powdery candy into your hand or mouth. Each crate comes with one of three flavors: Cider, Lemon, and Strawberry!




Puchu Puchu Uranai Candy 
Featured in the popular manga series, Dagashi Kashi, Puchu Puchu Uranai chocolates are not only yummy, but they tell your fortune!

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  1. The Puchu Puchu Uranai Candy was my favorite! It was so cool to see my fortune with these cute and yummy candies!

      1. For each category, there will be a different symbol in the packaging that will tell you what your fortune is! So when you pop out the candy from the plastic, be sure to take a look at the word underneath and the symbol on the back of the foil. ^_^

  2. The Paicro was so delicious I didn’t stop eating them till they were all gone!
    Then I became sad and wanted more ☆□☆

  3. Saw now I’m doubly sad that I missed the cut off. Next month’s box sounds cool too!

  4. I absolutely loved the Yaokin Cocobis Biscuits! They were just a tad bit sweet and really crunchy! I am already exploring my options for procuring more.