Big Changes to Doki Doki Crate

Hello Doki Doki family!

We’re always on the lookout for new ways to make the Doki Doki Crate experience the best it can possibly be, and we’re here to give you an update on changes that are coming very soon!  After reading through your comments and feedback, I’m happy to announce that we’re making the following improvements to Doki Doki Crate:

An EXCLUSIVE T-Shirt in Every Crate

You asked and we listened, one of the most requested items from our surveys was apparel.  Well, we’re going to make that happen.  Starting in August, all Doki Doki Crate subscribers will receive a licensed/exclusive T-shirt that you can’t find anywhere else.  We’ll be kicking it off with a completely exclusive Rilakkuma T-Shirt that’s been created specifically for Doki Doki Crate. 

PLEASE NOTE: If no updated shirt size is received by Friday July 15th, your crate will ship with a Large size T-Shirt by default.

If you haven’t already, please login to your account to select your T-Shirt size:

  • Login to your account at:
  • Edit your Doki Doki subscription
  • Select Doki Doki v2 & your shirt size, then click Change
  • Double check your info, then click Confirm — That’s it!


We have also put together a visual how-to guide that you can find at the bottom of this page.






UPDATE: Doki Doki Crates will now have rotating exclusive monthly wearables instead of always having a T-Shirt! Shirts can be included in the monthly wearable rotation 🙂


Larger and More Practical Items are Coming

We want to make sure that the items you’re receiving in your Doki Doki Crate are not just kawaii, but useful and practical as well.

Starting in September, we’ll be changing the format of Doki Doki crate to include 5-7 higher quality items as opposed to the current format of 8-10 items.  This allows us to include more practical and higher quality items such as exclusive apparel, larger plushies, stationary, household items, figures and other larger and better items!  

Better Planned Crate Themes

We’ve grown our Doki Doki planning team, and we’re proud to announce the addition of Sayuri, our new Senior Purchasing Manager for Doki Doki Crate. With years of experience leading & curating for the Crunchyroll online store, she’s ready to make Doki Doki crate the best it’s ever been.

We’re so excited to roll out these changes and make the Doki Doki Crate experience even better. We can’t thank you enough for being part of the Japan Crate family, and always sharing your thoughts on each month’s crate!  

As always, we’d love to hear your thoughts and suggestions in the comments below.

Thank you

Hank Rao


Choose a Shirt Size on an Existing Account

Step 3

Step 1Step 2

  1. Will the shirts be unisex/men’s sizing or particular to gender with junior’s/female sizing?

    1. I’m sorry >_<, we currently do not have 3XL sizing at the moment! :disappointed: We are working with our manufacturer to have more sizes available! We will be sure to let our customers know once we have XXS and 3XL available!

  2. If you plan to give a tshirt in every box, I’ll probably never skip a month. ?❤️

  3. We prepaid $330.00 already and only received the crate a few times (3) so it isn’t fully completed yet? I’m confused, We have to pay again??

  4. I definitely appreciate these changes! I’m glad I stayed on for this 🙂
    I have an enquiry: the new place I’m staying at has a lot of package thieves and I was wondering if there is any way to require a signature in order to receive the package?
    Thank you

    1. Hi Naomi!
      We do not require signatures for shippings, but we may have a solution that can work. You can contact your local post office or make a USPS account and you can put special instructions for delivery or request to have your packages picked up at your local USPS office ^_^ Hope this helps!

  5. Thank you so much for improving your wonderful Doki Doki surprise boxes…and hope I get to stay with you guys and see all the amazing stuff Japan has instore ? …..again Thank you;)

  6. Hello
    My son wants me to order crate too
    Do you have a boys version crate?

    1. Hi Debbie,
      Although Doki is very cutesy item themed, we have both boys and girls who enjoy them! However we are always thinking of more crates so let us know what you’d like to see if we make a more boyish crate 😀

    2. Sorry Debbie I think it’s just the Doki Doki however their Japan crate premium they offer is a fun box for all! It gives you a chance to try out some of the wonderful snacks Japan has to offer!

  7. This is awesome~!! I’m glad you guys are ahead of the game ~!! And thank you guys so much for listening to the feedback of practical items ^^ I’m a college student so it’ll be awesome to have cute & practical!
    Thank you <3

  8. woo hoo – this is exciting news! cant wait to see the rilakkuma tee! thanks for the update.

    as a suggestion, you might consider adding squishies (especially exclusive ones) to the crates.

    1. thank you for your suggestion!! we’ll pass it on to the team! we also have monthly doki surveys we email our customers for feedback on our crates so watch out for those emails and let us know your suggestions there as well!

  9. I don’t know that we need a t-shirt in *every* crate. Once is a while is nice, but maybe switch it up with hats, socks, etc.?

  10. I have a free 6-month subscription ending in August. It’s for the Doki Doki crate. If I select Doki Doki V2 and update it with my shirt size, is the subscription still valid, or because it’s a new/different crate, will I be charged?

  11. Sounds like fun! Can’t wait to see the changes (although, the old way is good too). I only have 2 boxes under my belt and have enjoyed both.
    Keep up the good work and I hope the changes are well received!

  12. For future boxes, please add more well known anime brands, like Sailor Moon, Cardcaptor Sakura, Hello Kitty, Vocaloid and Pokemon, I really enjoy boxes with characters I can quickly recognize.

  13. I’m really glad that you have a large range of sizes for the t-shirts available, I’m really looking forward to this addition! I hope that in the future crates there will also be more consumable things that I can use up instead of just having a collection of random stuff that piles up month after month. Things like stationary are a great idea! I also really love the hand cloths because I do use them often, and small accessories that have been included. Also one or two snacks or candies wouldn’t be unwelcome!

  14. 2XL… really? That’s as big as you guys will go? That’s SO not fair to your bigger subscribers… You need to go to at least a 5XL! A couple of my friends are that large and they’re quite upset with this.. SHAME JAPAN CRATE SHAME!

    1. I’m so sorry but we currently do not have 5XL+ sizing at the moment >_< . We are working with our manufacturer to have more sizes available in the future. We hope that you keep supporting Doki Doki and we will be sure to let our customers know once we have XXS and 5XL+ available!"

  15. Thank you so much for everything you have done in the Japan Crate family!! I appreciate it so much and wanted to let you know that you are all fantastic! Thank you!

  16. Question!
    Will I be charged again?I’m on the 12 month prepay plan, and if I click “12 month prepay” will I be charged 330 again?

    1. I think they said you will be charged again if you do that so best bet is you go to Japan crate support and talk to them about changing your shirt size! Hope this helps 🙂

  17. Are the shirt sizes in American or Japanese? I am so excited to see t-shirts being included and can’t wait to see it!

  18. Is XS not an option because on the graph the size is shown but when you go to select it when updating its not listed, just making sure.


  19. I wish I could afford this box but alas I shall be denied this exciting news of t-shirts in the boxes :'( I absolutely love your doki doki boxes, and I’m so excited for everyone who is getting one! So don’t forget to post your unboxing videos!!

  20. I completed the steps and even chose my current prepay 12 month option and it mentioned it would subscribe again at that price in November when my old subscription runs out. So, it was ok in my case to select prepay. Yay! Thank you Japan Crate for continuing to please my whole family every month! We look forward to the DokiDoki and Premium box each and every month! In fact, the current premium box is sitting on our table waiting for every member of the family to be home before we open it. It is that big of a deal for us! It is a family event. 😉

  21. Oh wow! Seriously guys. This is the greatest thing since sliced bread to me. I really look forward to seeing this change! I feel like the survey I filled out was taken seriously. The past 8 months recieving this crate has been a joy and it’s just getting even better.

    I hope the 2xl fits, if not, I hope a 3xl is in the works with your manufacturers. Thank you so much for this!

  22. Will we ever stop getting Hoppe-chan stuff? June’s crate had 10 items and 6 were Hoppe-Chan :/

  23. If I did not update my shirt size by the 15th but before my crate renewed will I still get the default size??