Umai Crate is Now Available!

Welcome Japan Crate’s Newest Line: Umai Crate!

hankumai2From our Founder, Hank Rao:

We’d love to introduce the newest crate in the Japan Crate family – Umai Crate!  Umai Crate is your monthly subscription to the most delicious and exclusive Japanese instant noodles including ramen, soba, yakisoba and others!

Umai crate was launched based on a survey we sent to our subscribers on what crate they would love to see next.  After carefully analyzing the data, one of the most popular choices was a noodle/ramen style crate.  The feedback was overwhelming, and we already have strong relationships with unique Japanese suppliers, so the decision to move forward with the launch of Umai crate was a no brainer.

In Japan, instant noodles are regarded as a convenient, delicious and fun option for a meal.  It’s even the self-admitted best invention from Japan!  Unfortunately, the same sentiment is not held true outside of Asia, with instant noodles having a stigma of being boring, cheap and a college snack.  

hankumai1Instant noodles in Japan are delicious, fun and use ingredients/flavor combinations that simply put the more commonly referenced Top Ramen to shame.  The problem is, it’s near impossible to try these variants of instant noodles if you don’t live in Japan or in a city with Asian markets, and the current options of buying online are unreliable, slow and overpriced.  We decided to launch Umai Crate to change that.

Umai Crate is your entryway into the world of delicious, fun and exciting instant noodle culture in Japan.  Each month we curate a fun variety of instant noodles from Japan and send them directly to your door so that you can experience the wonderfully delicious and fun flavors of Japan, all for an economic price. We will include recipes, descriptions, and utensils/accessories for those who are new to Japanese noodles as well!

We’re excited for you to try your first Umai Crate and hope that you love everything we’ve included.  As Umai Crate is at an early stage, we will be extra receptive of the feedback and ideas we receive from our subscribers. We are excited to continually transform Umai Crate into the most delicious and fun experience that it can be!

Hank Rao
Japan Crate

Check out Umai Crate now! 

  1. Excellent, can’t wait to try it. I do with there was a bundle discount though for having a subscription to multiple crates.

  2. I wish I could get one to try but I don’t have the money to get one maybe next time. I was hoping to get one for my dad for his birthday

    1. As a fellow Japan Crate community member, Id be more than happy to gift you a month of it ^^. Entirely up to you though.

  3. I like the idea of Umai Crate except I’m vegetarian so I probably won’t be able to eat anything in the crate unless I can make a vegetarian option (I do eat fish though). Good idea, regardless.

  4. I’d love to see some results statistics for the survey, like what percent of people voted for which. Excellent crate idea and I’m super glad to have voted for it; can’t wait to try this one out.

  5. im excited about this! ordered as soon as I saw the email it was available. Cant wait for the first crate!!!!