September’s “Chef Umai” Contest Results

Are you ready, chef?

Each month, we challenge our Umai Crate subscribers to create new dishes with the noodles that come in their crates. We love see how well our subscribers plate their dishes and explain what ingredients they used. We’ll definitely be trying some of this in our own kitchen! Let’s take a look at this month’s best entries!


Screenshot 2016-11-30 14.51.06
Instagram user
tnhillbillygal made great use of the Shirataki noodles from September’s Umai Crate. She captioned her photo: “This was my delicious (oishii) dish I made with the shirataki noodles in this month’s Umai Crate! The broth was a beef broth with Korean gochujang and gochu-garu for spicy redness. I sautéed some shrimp to add, some shiitake mushrooms, some sliced jalapeños for color and extra heat, and finally a boiled egg because they add that extra something special. I served it in a bowl made by a pottery business that was in our community decades ago. It is the only one I own so I save it for special dishes!” Well done!


Screenshot 2016-11-30 14.51.18

Some of the dishes we received as entries were restaurant worthy and we had a really hard time picking a winner.

We’ll see you next month for #CHEFUMAI!

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