Cooking with Umai: Sanukiya Udon

Ways to Dress Up Your Udon

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Udon is a classic Japanese noodle dish that combines thick noodles in a dashi broth. In October’s Umai Crate, we included the Sanukiya Udon bowls that give you the freshest udon experience, in a convenient instant package! By adding a few toppings, we transformed our udon into one that you might get at a restaurant!

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Directions: Open lid and remove all contents. Empty noodle packet and sauce packet into bowl. Add hot water to the inside line. Microwave for 3 minutes and stir. Add the dry flake satchet. Add toppings.

For our udon, we decided to add some sliced shiitake mushrooms and kamaboko. Shredded nori and scallions are common in udon so we added those as well. Itadakimasu!

Chili flakes, tofu, and spinach would make great additions as well. The subtle sweetness of the broth and the thick noodles is quite filling and makes for a nice and warm meal.

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What did you add to your Sanukiya Udon cup?

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