Kapibara-San appears at Tokyo Train Station!

For a limited time, the Yaesu Tokyo Train Station will host a pop-up shop filled with exclusive Kapibara-san items. The shop is designed as a spa town, and lined with original goods, such as hot springs buns!

Yaesu station store
(The pop-up shop!)

The shop will be open from November 17 (Thursday) to November 30 (Wednesday) at 10: 00am ~ 8: 30pm

Some of the limited edition items can be seen below!

Screenshot 2016-11-30 12.00.17(Limited Edition Kapybara-San )

Screenshot 2016-11-30 12.02.06(Look who we found inside!)

Screenshot 2016-11-30 12.03.00(Hot Spring Themed Buns!)

Two friends from Calbee joined Kapibara-San in the spa, creating more exclusive items!

Calbee and Kapibara-San team up!

Limited edition Calbee + Kapibara-San shirt!

If you’re near the Yaesu Tokyo Train Station make sure to stop by and check out the pop-up spa shop!

Source: http://dtimes.jp/bandai-kapibara-tokyoeki-shop-2016-11/

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