November’s Doki Doki Crate: Here’s What You Missed!

November Doki Doki Theme: Kawaii Cafe

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Rilakkuma Sunglasses
Impress your friends with your new pair of Rilakkuma shades! Pair with a cute scarf and a warm coat to keep kawaii this fall!

Monthly Hoppe Chan
It’s no secret that Hoppe Chan loves sweets, and this month, she comes to you on top of a slice of cake! With all the details, from the dollops of cream to the gold cake server, the slice of cake looks almost real enough to eat! Each crate gets one of two flavors: strawberry cream and chocolate cream.

Chocolate Notebook
For chocolate lovers, nothing is more pleasing to the eye than a nice, big, bar of chocolate. While you can’t eat this notebook, it will be a great addition to your desk to remind you, “It’s time for a chocolate break.”

Puchi Puchi Baguette Pouch
“Puchi puchi” is the sound effect for something squishy and this adorable baguette pouch is just that! Hang yours off your bag or use it as a pencil case. Just don’t eat it!

Croissant Pens
Flakey and buttery croissants are a must-have at every café. At the Doki Doki Kawaii Café, yours will come as a cute pen! Each pen also has a magnet attached so you can keep it handy on the fridge or other metal surfaces.

Sailor Moon Sweet Mascot Re-Ment Blind Box
This Re-Ment series features Sailor Moon themed sweets as cellphone charms! Each box will have two charms, a character themed pastry and a character themed chocolate. You can wear both or just one if you’d like! With six designs possible, which one will you get?

Baguette Au Petit Lapin
“You are what you eat!” Petit Lapin is back and he’s looking a bit different. After raising enough money to go back to France for a holiday, he came back with a new food obsession: baguettes! It looks like Petit Lapin will be able to visit Paris more frequently since his line of plushies and keychains are doing well at Hoppe Chan’s store in Harajuku!

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