5 Crazy Dessert-Themed Kit Kats from Japan!


You may have heard of Green Tea and Sweet Potato Kit Kats but did you know there are dessert themed ones as well?

Here are 4 fun dessert flavors that you can find around Japan.

1. Easter Break: Custard Pudding Kit Kats

Kit Kat released a special flavor for Easter!! When you open it up, it smells just like Pancakes, including the syrup! Surprisingly, it taste similar to maple butter or maple pancake batter that you would use to make the pancakes! Could you imagine having Kit Kats for breakfast? You could win a whole bag!


2. Cranberry & Almond Kit Kats

These fancy looking Kit Kats taste just like a Dark Chocolate-covered Almond but with a hint of a tart cranberry. This Kit Kat would make for a great after dinner dessert or a nice gift for a loved one!

3. Rum Raisin Kit Kat (Tokyo Edition)

As soon as you open the box, you get a whiff of raisin and rum. The taste of these Kit Kats match the smell but provide a hint of Chocolatey aftertaste. If you’re a fan of Whiskey, Raisins, Kit Kats, and lounging in a chair next to a fireplace, then these are for you.

4. Strawberry Cheese Cake Kit Kats (Yokohama Edition)

We were hoping these Kit Kats would be a creamier, fluffier version of the Strawberry Kit Kats. Instead, the Strawberry Cheesecake Kit Kats provided a tease of Strawberry covered by a creamy white chocolate flavor. It was yummy but no replacement for an actual cheesecake.

5. Momiji Manju Kit Kats

Source: Nestle.jp
Source: Nestle.jp

We weren’t able to give these a try but the description reads as “enjoy the perfect balance between red bean flavor and chocolate.” We imagine this Kit kat to taste like a Taiyaki covered in Chocolate!

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