Here’s What You Missed: June’s Japan Crate

June’s Theme: Childhood Favorites

Anpanman Soft Rice Cracker
These soft rice crackers are a tribute to Anpanman, Japan’s #1 most popular children’s TV anime program since the 1970’s when it debuted. For generations, the show has captured the hearts of Japanese children and we believe these adorable snacks will do the same.

Soft Soda Soft Candy
These jellybean like candies are softer than they appear and will be sure to melt in your mouth! These candies will also bring back childhood memories of summertime, when an ice-cold glass of Ramune helped keep you cool in the sweltering heat.

Triangular Vegetable Cracker
Kids never like their vegetables though we’re sure that if we had these as kids, we’d eat waaay more of our broccoli and carrots. Delicious vegetable crackers will have kids and adults alike wanting more!

Mochi Taro: Salt
These simple and crisp salt-flavored rice crackers are perfect as a small snack and go well with a soft drink. Mochi Taro is also a perfect example of a traditional Japanese snack, known as Dagashi. Dagashi like Mochi Taro have remained popular among Japanese people since the Meiji period and for many, they bring back nostalgic memories.

Ice Stick Lollipop
These lollipops are named after the popsicles or “ice sticks” that they bear a striking resemblance to! Both are of course childhood staples during the summertime.
Shin-chan Puripuri Pudding #5
The mischievous but lovable Shin-chan of the classic anime and manga series Crayon Shin-chan from the 1990’s is back with a 5th edition of this adorable DIY pudding kit. Pudding is of course, a classic Japanese snack that is especially popular among children and is more similar to flan that it is vanilla/chocolate/tapioca puddings in the U.S.

Rilakkuma Pretzel
Enjoy Rilakkuma’s favorite flavor, Honey Butter, with these pretzel snacks that are just like Pocky but without the frosting. Their warm, comforting flavor will remind you of homemade bread or an equally comforting mug of milk and honey.

Corn Potage
These puffed chips are fluffy and light and have the flavor of a popular Japanese comfort food, corn potage (corn soup). The homey taste of corn potage we hope will bring back some good memories of home.

Pique 8: European Rice Snack
“European rice snacks” are puffed senbei (rice crackers) that are flavored with a buttery and salty taste. This alternative to the traditional Japanese rice cracker is sure to be popular among those who enjoy fusion foods and will be a great addition to any snack pantry!

Roll Candy: Strawberry
Japan’s answer to an American childhood classic, the Fruit Roll-Up, is here in a universal favorite flavor: strawberry!

Choco Anpan
These cookies look just like anpan (red bean paste buns)—yes, the kind that Anpanman is based on—but are filled with chocolate. The combination of popular kids treats like anpan and chocolate are sure to be a hit!

Pudding Shake
Pudding and jellies are hugely popular among all age groups in Japan. Their soft consistency and delicately sweet taste are captured in this unique drink that’s similar to an aloe or boba drink, but with pudding! Shake the drink up to get bits of pudding in each sip!

“Really Molded” Sushi
As an adult, you now have an excuse to play with food! Mold the “rice” into a form suitable for a piece of sushi or have fun and experiment with the moldable material.
Lactic Acid Bacteria Is Alive!
Don’t let the strange name fool you. This strawberry yogurt flavored candy contains live lactic acid bacteria which is an important probiotic for young and old!

These palmiers are heartwarming cookies—they’re shaped like hearts!—that both adults and kids can enjoy. Their flaky texture and caramelized sugar exterior make it extra sweet.

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