Here’s What You Missed: June’s Kira Kira Crate

Pure Smile Toner
Toners are often an overlooked part of daily skin routines even though they’re one of the most important products to have on hand! Toners like Pure Smile’s will clean leftover residue from makeup and product buildup as well as dead skin, leaving your pores cleaned and your skin refreshed. Use after washing your face but before moisturizing or a face mask (we recommend using it right before the face masks in this crate to improve absorption!).

Pure Smile Milky Essence Sheet Masks (Vitamin & Royal Jelly)
The two face masks in this crate are specially formulated to combat dry, dull skin! The milk-like consistency of the sheet mask’s shea butter infused serum allows for full-coverage hydration. Vitamin Mask is great for acne-prone skin with special ingredients like Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate. Antioxidants will also help to brighten and freshen skin. Royal Jelly on the other hand, is lovely for more sensitive skin types or mature skin as honey has anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties. The mask will also leave you with bright, moisturized skin!

Fluffy Milky White Headband
This bow headband is kawaii, comfortable, and practical! Use it to keep your hair at bay when doing your makeup, washing your face, applying a face mask, or just during shower time on a “No Shampoo” day. If you’re headed to Japan, you can even use it while soaking at an onsen (hot spring)!

Magic Lip Tattoo
The Magic Lip Tattoo comes in 4 lovely colors—Berry Pink, Nude Pink, Grape Burgundy, and Mandarin Orange. This flake-proof, fade-proof, peel off lip tint has been all over the Web and for good reason! Customize how long you leave the tint on according to how bright you want your lips. To do this, apply the product like a lip mask and just wait for the results! Peel off the mask to reveal a gorgeous lip color all your own that can last up to 12 hours!

Hello Kitty x Doraemon Lip Cream
Keep your lips looking cute and moisturized with this limited edition Hello Kitty and Doraemon collaboration! Japan’s two favorite cat characters bring you a chapstick infused with shea butter and hyaluronic acid to moisturize and plump those lips!
Directions: Apply to moisturize, soothe, or subtly plump lips.

Hydrogen Spa Bath Ball
This bath bomb makes use of the ever-versatile ingredient of magnesium hydroxide! Used commonly as a bath salt or as a suspension in liquid in the form of milk of magnesia, magnesium hydroxide is great for stress relief, muscle aches, improving circulation, acne/eczema/irritated skin, wound healing, moisturizing skin, headache relief, and more!

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