Here’s What You Missed: August’s Doki Doki Crate

August’s Theme: Back To School

Vitamin Ballpoint Pen
Whether you’re headed back to school or work this fall, we know you’re probably in need of supplies. This pen is not only adorable but is also super convenient and a total space saver—the normal sized pen retracts into a tiny pill shape!

Yume no Hoshi Ribbon
Ribbons like this are part of a standard Japanese school uniform but this one is extra special. It’s a Yume no Hoshi (Dream Star) Ribbon that can be used to make your wishes come true—whether it’s to get Straight A’s, get into the school of your dreams, or to get that special someone to fall in ~love~ with you. Wear this magical ribbon in your hair, over your heart, or as a lucky charm on your backpack!

Totoro Cup
Fans of Studio Ghibli’s classic film, My Neighbor Totoro, know that Totoro is cute but mischievous. He’s sure to bring a smile to your day on this adorable cup. Enjoy some afternoon refreshments after a busy day at school with either this dainty canary yellow cup or a matcha green mug.

Chun Chun Friends Plushies: Journey Version
Chun Chun Friends are a flock of little birdies always on adventures together. Receive 1 of 8 different characters and take them with you on your own journey this new school year!

Cinnamoroll Letter Set
Send those love letters to a new school crush with this kawaii stationery set! It includes matching letter paper and envelopes that feature Sanrio’s popular puppy character.

Cinnamoroll Memo Pad
Receive 1 of 2 different memo pads with a Cinnamoroll design! They’re perfect for jotting down the most important of study notes or for sending letters to friends between class periods—we’ll be sure to keep it a secret.

Kakigori Hoppe-chan
Enjoy the best that summer has to offer with sunflowers and kakigori, or Japanese shaved ice, with Hoppe-chan! She loves to relax with a bowl of the sweet and refreshing dessert (receive 1 of 3 different flavors: melon, Ramune, strawberry) with a sunflower in her hair. She even glows-in-the-dark—perfect for those summer festival outings.

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