DIY: Candy Notebook 🍬

Supplies needed:
Meiji Chocolate (Or any candy box)
Glue Stick
Exacto Knife
Small Notebook (as close a size to the candy box)

1) Carefully cut open box. Keep the left side of the box attached to the top and bottom. Remove top, bottom, and right edge.

2) To ride off Japan’s recent Twitter trend, we decorated our Meiji Chocolate box! Use this time to decorate your own candy box.

3) Wrap the notebook with the candy box. Measure with a ruler to where the box ends on the notebook.

4) With the ruler and Exacto blade cut of the measured area. You may have to remove the sheets layer by layer. Use the ruler to keep your blade straight and steady.

5) Glue the notebook to the candy box on the back. If there is extra space, you can glue in post its and other note accessories on the front of the notebook.

And you’re all done! To make it last longer you can stick a laminate layer on top.


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