Behind the Scenes: Inside a Japanese Candy Factory

We were curious to find out how Japanese Candy is made but just like Willy Wonka’s Factory, it’s really hard to get a tour of a Japanese candy factory. Luckily, we were able to partner with Coris, makers of our favorite Whistle Candy, to see how some Japanese candies are made!

The Coris Building in Osaka, Japan

For this special treat, we invited long-time subscriber Tony Hawk to come tour with us and see how some of the items he picked out for September’s Crate were being made. Tony even got to meet the President of Coris!


Before getting started with the tour, we were required to wear sanitary garments….they made us feel like surgeons from a scary movie…Maybe next Halloween costume? The lighting in the picture doesn’t help   (。T ω T。)


Tony Hawk and his family posing before heading into the factory.

Once we were all dressed and ready to go, we headed into the factory. We expected the factory to have a lot of automated assembly lines with mostly machines running everything. We were pleasantly surprised to instead see many people checking and packaging the candy!


Some of the candy went through amazing transformations! Below you can see how one giant taffy-like block gets turned into a small rope. This is how those chewy straw gummies and gums are made!


We even got to see September’s Sour Gum being made and packaged!!

The Lemon Gum gets shaped and sorted here, where they move on up to….

Get bagged!

The bags that are rejected due to products being defective or not enough products get placed in this bin. YAY QUALITY CONTROL!

Once all the packages were checked and good to go, they were placed in their boxes to be shipped! These boxes then go to our warehouse so we can pack your crates!!

Want to taste one of these goodies form the Coris factory?

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