Doki Doki Crate 2018 Updates

Hi Doki Doki Family!

Throughout 2017 you provided your feedback and suggestions to help us make the best Doki Doki Crate for you. We’re always listening, and we’re happy to announce that you’ll be seeing more exciting changes from your feedback in 2018!

First Steps
Throughout the year, community members were asked to rank crate item types in order of importance. The results showed that the community valued larger and practical items the most and preferred those items over a monthly Hoppe Chan

From this feedback we made the tough decision to no longer include a monthly Hoppe Chan in Doki Doki crate, which helps us provide a wider variety of items.

Don’t worry, even though Hoppe-Chan won’t be in the monthly crates it doesn’t mean she’s leaving the Doki Doki Family. Keep an eye on our social media for Hoppe sightings and other ways to get your Hoppe-Chan 🙂

More Improvements coming!
All the feedback you share is essential and every survey you complete is instrumental to shaping the future of Doki Doki crate. You can expect more updates and improvements in coming months!

Please help us make your crate even better by filling out the newest survey below.

Create your own user feedback survey

Thank you for being part of the Doki Doki Family <3



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