Premium Crate Upgrades!

Hello Japan Crate family!
We’re excited to announce that Premium Japan Crates are undergoing a huge revamp based on your feedback and survey responses! So what’s changing? Let’s get straight to it.

Higher Quality Items + More Variety
Many of you said that you’d like to see higher quality items in your crates. Starting with August shipments, Premium crates will feature higher quality items such as rare Japanese Kit Kats, seasonal flavors, bags of premium gummies & snacks, plus a wider variety of Japanese drinks.

Now featuring 18-20 items!
Just because we’re providing higher quality goodies doesn’t mean we’ll be giving you fewer items…in fact…we’re increasing the item count in our Premium Japan Crate to 18-20 items.

Better Bonus Items
We’re also upgrading the monthly bonus item! Get ready for XL bags/boxes of candies, Japanese collectibles, gachapon, manga, exclusives like pins & more! Each month will be something new.

Let us know on Facebook what bonus item would you like to see inside your crate!

More of what you want
You’ve been asking for partnerships with your favorite anime/manga/shows and we’ve been listening. Recently we brought you collaborations with Attack on Titan, Tony Hawk and My Hero Academia. Expect more partnership crates starting with August’s special collaboration featuring an amazing bonus item brought to you by Kodansha Comics!

Who do you want to see us partner with next?

Is this different than current Premium Crates?
These new & improved crates will become the new Premium Japan Crates and be available starting in August for $35/month.

Wait the price is changing?
In order to make all of this possible and bring you the experience you’ve been requesting, the price for Premium Japan Crates will be changing to $35/month starting July 1st.

I’m already subscribed, do I need to do anything?
Nope! Your subscription will automatically renew as usual. Starting July 1st, Premium subscriptions will renew at $35 to bring you the revamped Premium Japan Crate in August.


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