Cooking Up a New Experience

Hello Umai Crate family!

We’re excited to announce that Umai Crates are undergoing a huge revamp to enhance your Japanese culinary experience, all based on your feedback and survey responses! What’s changing?

More Noodles & More Variety!
Not only will we be curating higher quality noodles, but we’re also increasing the number of items in Umai Crate to 8-10 items! You’ll be able to enjoy more seasonal favorites and regional specialties from all over Japan!

Noodle Multi-Packs
We’ve heard your feedback about wanting more bowls of your favorite noodles and we’ll now be including multi-packs of noodles in your crate! Share them with friends, test out different recipes or make a gigantic bowl of noodles!

Go Beyond Noodles – Better Bonus Items
Umai Crate’s bonus items are also getting an upgrade! Get ready to enjoy ramen spices, Japanese noodle toppings, unique chopsticks, and additional edible goodies to elevate your Japanese culinary experience.

Let us know on Facebook what bonus item you would like to see inside your crate!

Recipe Cards
Instant noodles are best when combined with fresh ingredients. We’ll be including collectible recipe cards every month to help you bring your noodles to their maximum potential. They’re the perfect additions to any cookbook or refrigerator!

Is this different than current Umai Crates?
These new & improved crates will become the new Umai Crates and will be available starting in August for $30/month.

Wait the price is changing?
In order to make all of this possible and enhance your Japanese culinary experience, the price of Umai Crates will be changing to $30/month starting July 1st.

I’m already subscribed, do I need to do anything?
Nope! Your subscription will automatically renew as usual. Starting July 1st, Umai Crate subscriptions will renew at $30 to bring you the revamped Umai Crate in August.


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