Review: Starbucks Japan’s Strawberry Cake Frappucino

In Wintertime you can find Christmas cake sold on just about every street in Japan! A white cake with snowy frosting topped with bright red strawberries. It is a staple of Japanese Christmas; in addition to KFC fried chicken and couples going out for a romantic city night…

In the spirit of the season, Starbucks Japan has released the Christmas Strawberry Cake Frappuccino and the Christmas Strawberry Cake Milk!

Skipping right over Thanksgiving, we tried the new release as a start to all the Japanese Christmas festivities and goodies!

The Christmas Strawberry Cake Milk is a warm drink of steamed milk and strawberry syrup topped with crushed cake bits. The syrup, like strawberry jam, still had seeds and remnants of fruit which added for an authentic taste. The cake topping tastes just like crushed pie crust which eventually soaks up all the creamy strawberry flavors. Just like the last half melted mixed bite of ice cream and pie, but in drink form!

What do you think, right up your tastebuds alley?

Now it’s time to match the cold weather with the Christmas Strawberry Cake Frappuccino. A surprise to us, the Frappuccino tasted quite different from the milk version. The strawberry syrup had traces of fruity sourness resembling a chilled strawberry tart. Hidden in the middle layer under the piled whip cream is a layer of crumbly biscuit. All blending and assuring for a flavorful sip. However, we must mention, it’s cold in Tokyo and we want to be warm Starbucks!

Both drinks are a great way to get the holiday season pumping through your veins, literally, so if in Japan stop by a Starbuck’s for the Christmas Cake experience!

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