Starbuck’s Winter Seasonal Release: White Chocolate Snow!

Starbucks loves the holiday season! So much so that we are now on our second seasonal drink release for the Winter holidays ^__^

We went out and tried the White Chocolate Snow Frappuccino! It comes hot or cold and resembles the look of fluffy piles of sweet snow.

It seems that this snow cap in a cup is at the top peak of people’s interest (pun intended) as it was sold out at Starbuck’s main Shibuya location over the weekend.

Thanks for the drink stage Starbucks!

It definitely looks like a winter wonderland with a milky white chocolate base loaded with spiraled ripples of whipped cream, marshmallows, and glistening white chocolate syrup. The drink is topped with shiny silver chocolate pearls for an extra wintery twinkle, a special touch reminiscent of the Princess Milk Sweet Apple Drink.

Marshmallows! We missed those sweet squishy delights!
P.S. Marshmallows are widely accessible in Japan

The drink was thick with a similar texture of a milkshake. Our tastes bud’s immediate thought, WHITE CHOCOLATE! Rather than being a mixture of a couple different flavors, Starbucks remained very consistent with the theme of creamy white chocolate. We’re definitely not complaining since snuggling up with a chocolate drink is always fitting during the holidays.

The White Chocolate Snow drinks are available across Japan with prices ranging from 440-580 yen. If you’re in Japan and dreaming of a White Christmas we recommend stopping by a Starbucks before it’s too late!

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