Starbuck’s Holiday Season Release: Pistachio Christmas Tree!

This year, Starbucks Japan seems to have a mission to exemplify classic holiday symbols into drinks. They kicked off winter with seasonal releases of the Strawberry Cake, followed by the White Chocolate Snow, and now the Pistachio Christmas Tree Frappucino!

We start our day off at Starbucks with the hopes that this drink will light us up like a sparkling Christmas tree on this cold morning.

Just a couple of trees!

The drink has a green pistachio base which is a comforting blend of nutty and creamy. Each sip is enhanced with scattered crunchy bits of nuts. The real icing on the cake, in this case, whip cream on the frappucino, was the perfectly paired pistachio whip cream. It completes the tree imagery and adds a hint of sweetness. It’s all tied up with a ribbon of glowing red raspberry syrup.

the tastiest treat this holiday from me to me!

A special gift to top the drink is a straw embellished with a sparkly gold star to personally commence the tree light up. Starbucks calls this the “Frappuccino Lighting Ceremony” and encourages the use of the hashtag #フラペチーノ点灯式. Tons of people in Tokyo are treating themselves to this early Christmas gift because the star straws sold out early. We settled for an ordinary straw but enjoyed our lighting just the same.

We have to admit that this is our favorite drink of all the winter releases! Which one do you want to try?

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