Taste test: IPPUDO Cherry Blossom Ramen!

Ramen lovers rejoice! We’re blessed with cherry blossom inspired ramen. Ippudo, one of the most famous ramen restaurants in Japan, released limited seasonal Spring ramen.

Ippudo’s Spring Ramen is a hipster health-conscious twist on tonkotsu ramen. Its broth is a light cherry blossom color made from a mixture of tonkotsu and beetroot. It is topped with pickled purple cabbage, broccolini, onions, roasted potato, chicken breast, sakura shrimp, and pink shrimp cracker.

IPPUDO Spring Cherry Blossom Ramen Sign
Is it ramen? warm salad? A Los Angeles fusion food-truck style meal?

We head to Ippudo’s new 1/2puddo branches in Tokyo to find out what this concoction is all about. However, only 30 bowls of the sakura-color ramen are available per day. A single drop of sweat runs down our forehead as we ride the elevator 7 floors up. We can only hope we came early enough to be one of the lucky 30 of the day.

We head inside to be seated at a table. Shortly after we hit the waiter with the “Sumimasen!” and order the ramen in hopes it’s still available. “Yata!” It’s still in stock and all is going according to plan!

IPPUDO Spring Cherry Blossom Ramen
We did it fam. Let’s do this!

The ramen tastes relatively healthy. Well, as healthy as ramen can taste. The broth is a smooth light tonkotsu flavor with a sprinkle of pepper and basil. The pickled purple cabbage added a surprising but tantalizing sour contrast to the heavy noodles.

The shrimp cracker floated like a ramen boat housing a pile of sakura shrimp. They both added a crisp and crunch to this Spring fusion flavor trip. It was fitting considering sakura shrimp matches the cherry blossom theme. Even the egg was a pastel pink color and the perfect consistency of oozy goodness on the inside.

On the flip side, we were a bit hesitant about having chicken and potato all mixed up in the ramen. However, we allowed it and don’t regret it. They suited the other vegetables and were simply seasoned.

IPPUDO Spring Cherry Blossom Ramen
Purple cubes in my ramen???

We found some mysterious purple cubes hiding at the bottom of the bowl. There was only one way to find out what it was… It’s the pickled beetroot! The ingredient that gives the ramen its cherry blossom color and alternative edge. It’s not like other ramens, okay?

Overall, it’s definitely a different take on ramen, but delicious nonetheless. We recommend treating yourself to this cherry blossom ramen while you can. Unfortunately, when the cherry blossoms go so does this ramen as it will only be available until April 20th. To try a variety of noodles and instant ramen from Japan click here!

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