Strange Japanese Candy

Japanese candy comes in all shapes and forms.  You can create candy sushi out of powder, eat frosting from a mini toilet, and microwave a panda pancake.  From hot chili flavored Kit Kats to Pocari Sweat, here’s our picks of our favorite weird Japanese candy.


1) Crayon Shin-Chan Butt Pudding



Crayon Shin-Chan is a super popular manga about a Japanese boy who loves chasing girls around and showing his butt.  Now fans of the manga can pay their homage by recreating the famous butt in pudding form.  How does this work?  Add some milk to the included powder and assembling tray, and after the butt is firm, add the red underwear and you got yourself a replica of Crayon Shin-Chan!

2) Mokomoko Candy Toilet




Have you ever woke up one day and thought to yourself, what if I could eat a soda flavored candy out of a colorful toilet?  Well somebody in Japan did, and it’s a hit!  Mokomoko toilet candy is a soda flavored, part liquid part foam, do-it-yourself creation that is as fun to make as it is to drink.  What you do is open the top of the toilet, add the magical crystals, and then add water.  The toilet then foams up as you take your favorite straw and drink it all up.  It’s pretty much the most ridiculous thing ever, and we love it.

3) Wasabi Kit Kats


No that’s not the green tea Kit Kats that are becoming more and more popular.  That’s wasabi flavored, and it taste awesome.  Think of the greatness that is a Kit Kat and coat it with part white chocolate and part wasabi, and you have our favorite flavor of Kit Kats

4) Pocari Sweat



If you were given a cloudy white drink in a bottle that has the word sweat in it, what would you do?  Would you toss it in the trash without a second thought?  Or are you the type to post it on Instagram and hashtag it #japancrate life.  The correct answer is B.  Pocari Sweat is actually a super popular sports drink that’s marketed as an “Ion Supply Drink.”  As for taste?  Think grapefruit Gatorade.

5)  Popin Cookin Hamburger Kit


We sent a bunch of these Popin Cookin Hamburger kits out to our subscribers last month, but what we didn’t know when we ordered them, was that they actually taste like the real thing!  The french fries taste like potatoes, the drink is fizzy like soda, and everything about the burger – right down to the ketchup – taste like the real thing!  Add the fact that everything was made from powder, water, and a microwave, and you have yourself the next replacement for space food.

6)  Gummy Tsureta


This candy right here is probably the closest you’ll get to real life alchemy.  Create a magical tongue, using neon green liquid, crystals, and a wand like straw.  This gif will probably explain it way better than we can.



7)  Crayon Shin-Chan Fake Beer



In case you wanted more of pudding butt from earlier, you can now make a fake beer with him!  All you have to do is take the empty glass that comes with the packaging, pour in some water, and then add the powder.  What then happens is a chemical reaction, which allows foam to build and pour to the top like a badly poured draft.  Unlike a draft, this candy contains 0% alcohol and tastes more like a Coca Cola.

8)  Glamatic



Glamatic is probably the most glamorous gum in the world.  Featuring packaging that sparkles in pink with roses, diamonds and butterflies and a tagline that translates to “Makeup your breath with perfume.”


Well that’s our roundup of some of the craziest and most unique Japanese candy we’ve seen.  What did you like the best?  What do you want to see in future crates? And make sure to subscribe to Japan Crate to receive these crazy candies every month if you haven’t already.

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