Gashapon: Vending Machine Madness


Have you ever heard of “gashapon?”

These cats are just one example of the multitude of toys that can be found inside gashapon machines, like these.


“Gashapon” is a Japanese onomatopoeia composed of two sounds: “gasha” for the sound of a crank on a toy vending machine, and “pon” for the sound of the toy dropping into the receptacle.

The word “gashapon” refers to describe both the machines and the toys that drop out of them.

Gashapon are not only toys, but also collector’s items. Rare gashapon are very expensive.

Gashapon such as these cost between 1 and 5 USD.

Some of the craziest gashapon we’ve seen

This is called “sushi dreams.”

Realistic-looking bread gashapon.

Less realistic but still awesome dogs in bread.

Adorable hamsters! These gashapon can be used as keychains or phone charms.

These condiment bottles also look cool hanging from your backpack.

As do these slices of citrus.

Most gashpon come in collectible sets of 10-12 items.

Gashapon cameras…

Here are apologetic business men, along with one inappropriate fellow.

Bento hotdog characters gashapon.

Roasted mochi animal gashapon.

Here is the seal roasted mochi from that set.

These cute Disney characters are perfect cellphone charms.

Last but not least, it’s gashapon-ception. A gashapon inside a gashapon. And they actually work!


More Gashapon… Coming soon!

Japan Crate is excited to introduce gashapon in our crates in coming months.

Tell us: would you like to receive a gashapon figurine in addition to your monthly candy?

  1. If you will switch a DIY kit for 2 gashapon, then I’m definetly upgrading from mini to normal ^.^ (I just really don’t like DIY kits T.T and those gashapons look awesome)

  2. The gashapon-ception is probably my favorite. Who wouldn’t want a gashapon inside a ghashapon? The fact that it really works is amazing! Wish we had those in the US.