The fun of squishy buns, or squishies

Did you get a soft keychain with a funny face in your May Japan Crate?

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Welcome to the squishy phenomenon!
These little guys originated in Japan over 30 years ago, but only became popular in the US within the last few years.


Squishies come in all kinds of shapes and varieties! Most of them can be categorized as either animals, bread, licensed characters, or rare.


Rare squishies are sometimes valued at over $100!






The squishies included in May’s Japan Crate belong to the bread category and are modeled (and scented) after a type of Japanese soft bread called “pan.” To give you an idea, this bread is fluffier and lighter than the bread you can find here in the US.














Each individual squishy is a little different. Some are more soft and some are more squishy. Compare with a friend to see which of you received the slowest riser!


Guaranteed, now that you have one squishy, you’ll want more!


Here are some kawaii squishies we love!


1.Nekodo Mini Cat Donut

Kitty Cat Donut













2. Desert Sandwich/Cake


japan crate sandwich soft blog











3. Seals


japan crate blog seals
















4. Filled squishy


japan crate blog chocolate keychain














5. Yellow kitties


japan crate blog cat bread keychain













6. Bread squishy as a phone case

japan crate iphone case












7. Onigiri (rice ball)

japan crate blog keychain rice












8. Peaches


japan crate peach keychain blog















9. Bagels


japan crate bagel squishy
















10. An entire loaf of squishy bread \(^o^)/


japan crate rilakkuma soft keychain
















11. Blushing buns



japan crate soft keychain blog

















Warning: Don’t eat the squishies! They are NOT real bread.



  1. I personally do not care for the “squishy” keychain in this months crate. I really hope this isn’t going to be a recurring thing. :/ just my opinion

    P.s. I Love Japan crate<3

    I MUST KNO!!!
    i need the squishy peach
    and more of the fun bun squishy,

  3. Subscriber – I love the squishy bun! It would be great to see more keychains or general kawaii cuteness!