Announcing: The Sugoi Crate!

sugoi crate

Starting in July, all subscribers will be automatically entered monthly for a chance to win the Sugoi Crate.


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Sugoi (すごい) means “awesome” or “cool” in Japanese.



The Sugoi Crate contains anything from over-sized Japanese candies to crazy gadgets and gaming systems.



The crazier, the better!










Every month is different, and each month is a surprise, just like all Japan Crates.

Revealed: The July Sugoi Crate!

July’s Sugoi crate will contain:

  • Baked Cheesecake Kit Kats (require baking)

  • Giant Tomato Pretz

  • Giant Tsubu Strawberry Pocky

  • Otamatone Instrument

  • Coin Eating Facebank

  • Giant Hiyoko Manju Pocky

  • Gummy Sushi DIY Kit

  • Fast Food Burger DIY Kit

  • Nintendo 3DS XL w/Pokémon X & Super Smash Bros

  • Peach Kids Stacking Game

  • Nanoblock Tokyo Tower kit

  • Tonkatsu Umbaibo

  • Nyantan Cat Paw Massager


Peach kids stacking game!




Otamatone instrument!




Nintendo 3DS XL w/Pokémon X & Super Smash Bros


The first Sugoi Crate ships in July to a lucky subscriber.

Get excited!


  1. Hope I get entered for August. Have the 3 month subscription but may have to cancel after that even though we are new to it. Just got information from doctor and My mom whom is helping us get the Crates; well her bladder cancer is back she was in remission. And need the money for her cancer treatments. She was helping us get the monthly crates cause she knows how much we love Japan, we wish to one day go there and eventually live there.

  2. Does the Sugoi crate replace the original one? Meaning if you win the sugoi crate do you get it instead of the one you would normally receive? If so, does this crate ship after you’ve already received your monthly crate, or do they arrive at the same time?

    1. Hey Malia!

      The Sugoi Crate ships at the same time as your normal Japan Crate and you receive the Sugoi Crate on top of whatever subscription you get. Good luck! ^__^

  3. This. THIS is the crate I want to win. It’s meant to be: I’m currently eating a Kit Kat and cheesecake is my favourite dessert … and this crate offers a baked cheesecake Kit Kat! Clearly we’re destined to be together! XD

  4. Are winners of the Sugoi Crate notified before they win, or is it a complete surprise until after all crates have been sent out,haha?

  5. Omgoodness how coolness I would so love to win as well very cool things!!!!!!! It’s nice you just enter us 🙂 So excited really enjoy all the goodies sent my way TY:)