Did you notice our new box?


We are so excited to introduce our new crate!


These boxes feature side flaps to keep your candy safer and more secure inside.


Plus, they are covered with kawaii characters! Check it out:




This is the kraken that ate our candy a few months ago, causing shipping delays. We’ve immortalized him on our box! He’s saying, “Delicious candy.” We call him Tako – Japanese for octopus!




Sugoi Japanese skyline? We thought so, too. And don’t forget to connect with us on social media!




Last but not least is Mr. Fuji (Mount Fuji) and his cloud friends!


What do you think of the new design?

  1. I LOVE the new japan crate box! It is so cute and protects the goodies inside so much better! #JapanCrateForever

  2. In Perth do we still get drinks because when they go through airports and they have to get rid of the drinks