September Sugoi Crate Revealed


Each month, we send one lucky subscriber a huge crate filled with Japanese toys, games, and snacks.




We traveled to Japan to pick out cool items you can’t find anywhere else. These items are so awesomely obscure that they each deserve a full explanation.


Screen Shot 2015-08-07 at 2.23.19 PM

Sugoi Item #1) Shocky Pocky Game






This game will literally shock you. That’s right. One of these Pocky sticks will give you a light shock. Play with friends to see who can avoid the Shocky Pocky. Loser buys Pocky for everyone.







Sugoi Item #2) Poppin Cookin DIY Bundle



This is for you, Poppin Cookin fanatics. That’s right, you know who you are. The ones who write in asking us, “How can I get Poppin Cookin kits by themselves? I don’t need the rest of the candy!” Well, here you go. Enjoy yourself with these four kits. Have a competition with a friend, or become a master by practicing making tiny sushi and gummy animals to your heart’s content.




Sugoi Item #3) Motorized Sushi Train


Eating sushi off a conveyorbelt train


That weird time when reality actually exceeds your expectation?

Turn your kitchen table into your own personal kaitenzushi restaurant. Plus, these cars are a perfect way to showcase the DIY sushi candy you just made.


Sugoi Item #4) Pikachu Backpack





Backpack… pillow… friend… This little guy has you covered.












Sugoi Item #5 & #6) Giant Choko Ball Candies


IMG_0812-Edit IMG_0809

Yum, yum, giant Choko Balls! (Do you remember these little guys from a few months ago??) Try the chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry box, and then dig in to the quintessential Japanese flavor, green tea. 







Sugoi Item #7) Cardcaptor Sakura Figure




If you haven’t seen Cardcaptor Sakura yet, do yourself a favor and go watch a few episodes right now. This award-winning anime and manga series features elementary-school student, Sakura, who finds herself accidentally unleashing a deck of magical cards and the power they possess. As the adventure unfolds, Sakura learns more about herself and has a lot of funny mishaps. This collectible figure would look great anywhere in your home or office!






Sugoi Item #8) Taiko Master wobbling festival game




See how many cute taiko faces you can stack on Don-chan before the stack collapses! This Jenga-like game brings the fun of a summer matsuri right to your living room.

Screen Shot 2015-08-07 at 3.50.14 PM








Sugoi Item #9) Hatsune Miku Figure





This figure depicts a singing voice synthesizer named Hatsune Miku. Her voice is featured in over 100,000 songs worldwide, and you can see her live, 3D shows in Tokyo, Hong Kong, and LA. Her name means “First Voice from the Future” in Japanese.

Sugoi, right?









Sugoi Item #10) White PS4 with J-Stars Victory VS+



Last but not least is the big prize we are all excited about. Break in your brand-new PS4 with J-Stars Victory VS+, a game that will allow you to play with all your favorite anime characters from the past 30 years, AT THE SAME TIME. Get excited to play the what-if scenarios you only imagined in the past.




We will announce the Sugoi Crate winner by email at the end of the month.

Good luck, everyone!

  1. This will be so much fun! I’m starting a new YouTube channel about sweet treats and all types of foods! Hopefully winning this with the yummy treats will be a great beginning of my NUMNUMSForTheTUMTUMS YouTube channel! LOVE YOU JAPAN CRATE!

  2. That is awesome, you don’t have to enter anything just be subscribed to japancrate?

  3. Pick me please, because well I worship anime and manga like its the love of my life, and my life will be less boring so please pick me?!

  4. i have always wanted to try some Japanese candy and have some figures i really hope to win just for those <3

  5. I HOPE I WHIN I NEVER TASTER A CANDY OF THIS ? plz plz pick me I love to taser this

  6. I really want that ps 4 , since I don’t have any gaming system I really want that one.?

  7. I would love to win! I have purchased several crates and whenever I can afford to!!!

  8. If I win I would give the Pikachu back pack to my friend and put everything else in my room

  9. I think this crate thing is cool so I wanted to join. Plus I don’t have a ps4 so if I have one I can play with my friend

  10. I hope to win this because I’ve always been a secret anime fan, but don’t have anything really to show that I am such a big fan of it all. I’d like to show it off to everyone that bejng into anime is cool and not lame as some people think it is.

  11. Love to win this … My grandsons would be so over the moon and I live to make them joyful 🙂

  12. Sugoi!!! O(≧∇≦)O im in love with your website
    I have only one question ,how can i win that amazing package? Thanks for your answer

  13. I hope i win!! I have always loved japan and their wacky, interesting items they have! Ive never actually been to Japan yet so I have not actually seen or bought anything like a simple pocky box or any kind of figurine before.. Hopefully ill win this!! ~Goodluck to me~ . Thank you!

  14. I currently only own a XBOX ONE so it would be so awesome to win the sugoi crate this month ^_^

  15. Look, Its me the Unicorn who loves Japan. LOL I watched a video that sometimes when foreigners go to Japan people can look at you like your a Unicorn so new and mysterious. So, yes I am and I love my Japan Crate with all the goodies and snacks, now to just win the Sugoi Crate! ( Leaving now to go find the rainbow and pot of gold oh and a luck cat)

  16. Super excited about the Cardcaptor Sakura figure!! One of my favorite anime! This is an amazing crate; whoever gets it is amazingly lucky!

  17. I WILL NOT LOSE THIS TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I need to at least have something from Japan.

  18. Ooooh the sushi train looks like so much fun! And that game …. I never knew before today how much I wanted to see Reborn vs Luffy. XD

  19. Wow! That is amazing! Indeed getting a packet in the Mail with little bit of Japan right to my home is the highlight og the month. I am also soving money to a trip to this fascinating country which I have heard is the most autismfriendly country in the world- structured, fast trains, Hello kitty, pokémon, interesting culture and so on ❤️