Lemon Squash: Is it Lemon or Squash?

lemon squish

Is it a squash? Or a lemon? Let’s find out what Lemon Squash is all about!


A Brief History

Nope, we’re not talking about the vegetable or fruit, but rather, the drink! Lemon squash is the name for lemonade in Japan and is especially popular with children, due to its fizziness.

Squash is a concentrated syrup that is fruit-flavored, and typically made from fruit juice, water, and sugar. Many squashes also contain food coloring as well as additional flavoring, including orange, lime, and lemon, or a blend of fruits.

What is the Best Way to Drink Lemon Squash?

You can drink Lemon Squash right out of the bottle, but we think it tastes way better frozen! As you can see in the photo above, there’s a big difference between the non-frozen and frozen Lemon Squash; plus, we find it more fun to eat this way!

In comparison to Japanese freeze pops, Lemon Squash tastes more like a lemonade and has more of a citrusy flavor, whereas most freeze pops tend to be on the sugary-watery side.

Let us know how you are enjoying your Lemon Squash! (^▽^)

  1. Is it possible for me to buy more lemon squash? I thought it was amazing and wanted more but couldn’t find it anywhere online.

    1. Hi Devrick! This Lemon Squash is exclusive to Japan, and unfortunately is only found there. We *may* include it for purchase on our site in the future. We’re so glad you enjoyed it!

      1. Yes Please! I would love the lemon Squash again my daughter horded it after the un-boxing video and I wanted to try it frozen. THat was so yummy.