#mokomoko Photo Contest


Don’t be late to the potty!

Moko Moko toilet candy is a classic silly & fun DIY candy kit from Japan. In Japanese “moko moko” means “fluffy“, and the candy’s box reads, “Delicious fluffy foam overflowing from a cute, miniature toilet!” Doesn’t that sound fun?!

This foaming toilet candy comes with plastic pieces for you to assemble into a super kawaii mini toilet, with moving parts! There are 4 random color variations to collect, including blue, green, pink, or traditional white! The kit also includes fun stickers to personalize your toilet with (✿◠‿◠)

We want to see how you decorate your new toilet and what kind of unique scene you can place it in, so we have a new photo contest! Whether you go for something realistic – like inside of a mini bathroom, or something more crazy (like our flying Gudetama below), the possibilities are endless!


In order to enter this contest, create a fun scene with your new toilet & take a picture to upload on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram using hashtags #mokomoko and #japancrate. (If your profile is private, we might not be able to see your entry!) Submissions close on September 28th and we will choose/announce three winners by October 1st.

Take a look at the following awesome prizes you could win!

1st Prize:

Totoro bathroom set, Pokemon bath ball, 3-month Premium subscription


2nd Prize:

Totoro bathmat & toilet cover, Pokemon bath ball, 3-month Premium subscription


3rd Prize:

Totoro toilet seat cover, Pokemon bath ball, 3-month Premium subscription


We can’t wait to see your awesome toilet creations. Good luck everyone! (◑‿◐)

  1. Just checked out my email to see when it will arive, here what it says… “should arrive between September 25th-31st, but due to customs, it could take longer.” Yeah… #UKproblems o(╥﹏╥)o

  2. I noticed that some people got a Gudetama charm with their box but I didnt get anything and was so disappointed! I really love Gudetama :c </3

  3. Noo! There’s a chance I can’t participate, because it my crate arrives late! I really want to join D:

  4. Well, I put up my Entry for the mokomoko contest then got some private hate mail telling me that mine was stupid. So, I cried a bit and then thought I tried my best.

  5. Hello, I entered the Moko Moko contest, but i’m new at twitter and not sure if I did it correctly. I posted my picture with the hash tags #mokomoko and #japancrate,. Is that all I had to do? Can you guys just see it that way?

  6. Hi
    I entered my Moko Moko contest picture and im not sure if I made it into the contest quick enough. Is there a way I can figure that out. I entered it 5 minutes ago.