Food Dog Gashapons!

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This month, we’ve included super kawaii food dog gashapons, or toy capsules! Let’s learn all about them!


What is a Gashapon and Where Does it Come From?

OP_TokyoMoneysinks_18All October Premium Crates received an adorable food dog gashapon, or capsule toy. The term gashapon refers to a variety of vending machine capsule toys that are very popular in Japan. Gashapon is a Japanese term composed of two sounds: “gasha”, for the sound of a crank on a toy vending machine, and “pon”, for the sound of the toy capsule dropping.

What are the Different Food Dog Gashapons?

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There are four different food dog keychains in October’s crates: a French bulldog stuffed between French toast, a Chihuahua sitting atop a chocolate waffle, a Jack Russell sandwiched between a sandwich, and a Doxon in a donut.

Which one did you receive?


What Other Gashapons are There?

Here are some other fun and popular gashapon variations!


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We hope you love your cute new doggy gashapon friend! (^▽^)
Which other gashapon would you like to see in future crates?