Feast on Fancy Treats for December!


Whether it’s fruity or chocolatey, feast your eyes and mouth on these delicious, fancy treats featured in December’s crates!


Cute Tororin Parfait DIY


The packaging alone on this parfait DIY is so cute! The delicious and rich strawberry parfait comes with the parfait powder, a pink candy topping, strawberry icing and a super cute cup to place the ingredients in (fully reusable, too!).


Add your own candies like we did above to make it even more delicious and perfect for photo-ops! Be sure to check your booklet and our video below for details on how to make it ^__^


Pocky Demitasse


This limited edition Pocky treat is only available for a short time period in Japan, but we’ve managed to include it in your crates! The Demitasse Pocky is unlike all others: the cocoa sticks are short, yet packed with dark, rich, and decadent chocolate.


Dip it in yogurt or ice-cream, have it alongside your morning coffee, or put it in your Tororin parfait! The possibilities are endless (and delicious!)


Show and tell us how you decorated your parfait and how you enjoy eating pocky!
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