#characreation: December’s Contest!


There’s nothing that we love more than seeing our community come together creatively. This month’s character creation contest is all about using your creative imagination ^o^ Let’s find out more!


In the spirit of the holiday season, we wanted to do something extra special this month. We are hosting a contest to develop a character that will make a guest appearance in our manga! *December subscribers only.

You don’t have to be an artist to enter; you can simply draw a rough outline of the character you’ve created, alongside a detailed description of who they are and how they would fit into the Japan Crate storyline.

There are two ways to submit your entry:


    1. Post the image along with a description onto your Twitter or Instagram using hashtags #characreation and #japancrate.
    2. Write up a longer description and submit through the ‘Photo Contest’ tab on our Facebook page or via the form below.


Three winners will receive art kit bundles including COPIC markers, notebooks, and more to fuel your artistic adventures! All winners will also receive 3 free months of Premium crates!

      1. First place will have their character featured in our Manga and receive an art kit valued at $150+
      2. 2nd place will receive an art kit valued at $100
      3. 3rd place will receive an art kit valued at $75


1st place will be chosen based upon the best fit into our Japan Crate storyline

2nd place will be the runner-up

3rd place will the second runner-up
Submission Deadline: December 31st at 11:59PM

Winners Announced: Week of January 4th

We are SO excited to see your entries. Good luck, everyone! =^.^=

  1. before I got my december crate i was thinking how cool it would be if you had a character contest. i was amazed when I found out there was going to be one! are entries limited to one per person?

  2. Is there a current manga running for Japan Crate that we need to reference? Is there a theme for the manag?

  3. I didn’t get to finish my description of my character due to a typo.
    Her name is Tammy J. Sweetness. She is sometimes made fun of by mean sour people. But, with her sweet candy friends, she can turn any sour person into a sweetheart!

  4. I’m Annabella Prado and this is my drawing my computer freezes and then automatically entered me in and I.didnt have the opertunity to finish the description or email so if you could please add that it would be much appreciated

  5. Okay… Might I ask how big of an impact this character will have? Would the character be preferred to be “normal” looking, or for example, would a character with 1 or 3 eyes be acceptable? I would love to join this contest, but knowing what context the character will have in the series changes the outlook of the character EXTREMELY. Heck, even knowing whether the character will be bad, good, or just a background/two line character changes things immensely.

    1. Hi Shina! You can use your imagination for the type of character you crate, the possibilities are endless, really! For now it will be a one-time feature in one of our manga issues, but you never know! ^.^

  6. It was supposed to say kintaro candy that turns him into the golden boy who uses his new found strength to fight off ONI, Bake-kujira, and the Ikuchi to ensure Japanese candy makes it safely to the ports

  7. Out of all the others, this looks the most detailed and kawaii *-*. Anko would be more than glad to have this character as her companion.

  8. Hey Japan Crate, I accidently pressed enter and submitted my entry without finishing the description.

    Here’s the rest: She is known as a legendary Candy Guardian. The best of the best. She is someone Anko can look up to.

  9. hey just wondering…. do i have to be subscribed to participate in ths contest? i really want to submit my character but wanna be sure i can even if im not subscribed this month 🙂

      1. aww ok 🙁 i subscribed today, i already entered my character, hahaa oh well 🙁 good luck hahaha u guy should give me a chance hahaha ive bought 9 japan crate boxes haha i understand if u cant, cant wait to see the winners! 😀

      2. so I posted a message on here and it said that it was being review, so long story short I tried to enter at 8;41 pm est and it wouldn’t allow me. I tried on fb and on twitter it was really acting up. I worked so hard on her but I couldn’t enter no matter what I did. I tired to contact you guys with no luck.

  10. I have two questions.. :O

    1) How do we prove that we got the december crate? do we have to enter under the email that we signed up for the crate under?

    2) Should I enter on FB and instagram as well, or is it alright to just enter here…? I know thats a silly question, probably, but I just wanna make sure ^ w ^!

    1. Hi Abby! We hope you got your entry in (you were able to do so on any social media platform) ^__^ We are able to tell on our end if you are a subscriber and received a December crate ^__^

  11. I got my December and when I heard about this contest I just had to enter. I’m an artist myself and I could really use the art set. I know its early but Happy new years, cant wait for Januarys crate too!!

  12. I forgot to add in that my character’s (Yuuko’s) weapon is an almond crush pocky stick, which she uses like a club.
    I don’t know if its possible to edit my entry, so i hope you see this! :c

  13. I can’t wait to see who the winners are! I’m sure whoever wins deserves it! MAY THE BEST OF LUCK COME TO EVERYONE!!!