December’s Super Soda Flavors!


December’s crates feature a variety of yummy and unique soda flavors! Let’s learn all about them below.


Pachishuwa Dynamite Melon Soda

 melon soda

A super fun twist on the classic melon soda, drink Pachishuwa Dynamite Melon Soda straight from the bottle for a unique soda experience! The attached straw makes it easy to drink the jelly-like texture. We’d love to know what you think of it!

Awa Moco Moco


Another magical treat! Mix these powders with water to create fizzy, fun, drinkable creations in three possible flavors: strawberry, melon, and banana! What did you think of the fizzy treat?


Bad Kid Beer

kids beer
Don’t worry, this isn’t actually beer, but instead, a magic powder that creates a creamy grape soda when mixed with water. Experience the fun, tingling sensation on your tongue as you sip it!

Celio Lifeguard Drink

Call this drink your new lifeguard (not just because of its name, Celio Lifeguard Drink), as it contains 7+ vitamin and amino acids, with a nice mix of honey and royal jelly.


Lifeguard comes in a variety of flavors and also in individually wrapped jellies, meant to provide you with a quick, on-the-go boost!


The energy-boosting sensation is a great way to enhance your senses and keep your body and mind in good spirits and to their greatest potential! What do you think of this good-for-you energy drink?


What was your favorite soda-flavored drink? ^__^
  1. The lifeguard soda was amazing! I thought the bad kid beer tastes more like bananas than grape, though.

  2. Mine had none of those Awa Moco Moco flavors, it had Cola. Which is fine but I would have preferred a fruit one.

  3. I absolutely loved ALL of the drinks! The texture of the melon soda was so fun and different. The flavors of the Awa Moco Moco and Bad Kid Beer were delicious, and the foam was really fun and yummy. I was quite surprised that I greatly enjoyed Celio Lifeguard drink, because the flavors (honey and royal jelly) really threw me off. I’m not a huge honey fan. However, it was AMAZING! I was so sad when it was gone. I think the only thing I’d like to ask is, next time there’s powdered drinks (such as the Awa Moco Moco and Bad Kid Beer), could you put directions for them somewhere in the booklet? No one in my family reads Japanese, so we had no idea how much water to use. I was able to figure out that the Bad Kid Beer took 120cc (it was the only number on the back of the packet that was in measurement form), and my niece was able to find out how much that was in ml. However, the Awa Moco Moco did not show any cc measurement, so we just used the same amount. I don’t mind having to look up the equivalent for our measuring system, but I do need to know a number to use! LOL

  4. I was happily surprised that my box had a cola Awa Moco Moco instead of one of the fruit flavors. Cola is one of my favorite flavors, so that was Sugoi!!!

  5. It’s not listed but I got Cola flavored Awa Moco Moco it wasn’t bad but I was hoping for something fruity!

  6. This was my first Japan Crate ever and i absolutely loved it! Everything was delicious and left me wanting more. The only problem I had was that my crate did not contain the Bad Kid Beer. If this could be fixed for next crate so i receive everything that would be great!

  7. Just out of curiosity what is the suggested amount of water to add to each packet? I very much liked the Thunder energy drink.

  8. Was the bad kid beer caffeinated? I was up all night after I drank it! It tasted good though.. The lifeguard stuff was great, and the jelly melon stuff was not a pleasing texture! It was like jiggly cold snot!