January Doki Doki Crate Feedback

kawaii cops

Hello Doki Doki Crate Family!

We’ve received a lot of feedback about January’s Doki Doki Crate contents, and we wanted to let you know that we completely understand what you’re saying and really appreciate and value your thoughts and opinions.

Two months ago we ventured out of our usual, familiar realm of Japanese candy/snacks to find cute, tangible items for Doki Doki Crate. Our goal was to provide you with the best monthly experience possible through everything kawaii.

It was recently brought to our attention that our supplier may not have been completely transparent with us, which many of you voiced concerns about. We’re working with them right now to get to the bottom of this, but we have ceased our relationship with them and are pursuing more reliable suppliers.

As a subscription company for Japanese items, all of our ordering must done at least a month before crates ship to allow time for the items to arrive and be lovingly packed by our team. This means that February’s crate contents are already on their way to us, so we’ll do our best to make sure that items in February’s crate will not be coming from the same supplier.

We apologize sincerely and greatly for this mixup, and we now have someone fully dedicated to sourcing only the highest quality items for Doki Doki Crate. We are meeting with multiple Japanese vendors and licensors in an effort to boost the overall quality of future crates, and we really appreciate your feedback as it is essential in shaping the future of Doki Doki Crate.

As such, we’ve created a quick survey for you to help us better understand what type of items you’d like to see in the future, as well as for you to tell us your thoughts on this month’s contents and ask any specific questions. You can find it here: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/RW5FZMF

If you’re completely dissatisfied with your crate, you can send it back with all original contents for a full refund. Please email us at [email protected] and we’ll help you with a return mailing label.

Thank you so much for being a part of the Doki Doki family!

  1. I enjoyed the contents of my crate, except that the sailor moon figure snapped when I tried to assemble it. 🙁 Otherwise, it was nice.

  2. I was very happy with everything in my crate! I didn’t notice a smell from the wallet, and I adore my sailor moon figure! Sucks that everone else is having issues with theirs 🙁 Keep up the good work Japan Crate!! Looking forward to febs box!

  3. Should of taken care of the problem back in December when it was first pointed out. Make subscribers pay for shipping the bootlegs back? We are not obligated to return the product known to be bootlegged.

  4. We realized ours had fakes and still enjoyed it. Yes we SUPER would love fixed boxes but were not going to waste more time than needed on it. A simple message saying it was a little dissapointing can go far in fixing it. And obviously you are. So that it great. You guys were new to it and so it was expected. ID like to see some of these seriously angry people when they themselves first got into cute things. Is hard to spot fakes at first. On that note though, they should be glad you got nice knock offs by accident rather than the loopy looking mishaps lol there are many ways to spot fakes though in the future. Good luck.

  5. Thank you for the prompt response to my facebook comment and for posting this update. I was very pleased with the December box and hope that future boxes will have the same kind of awesome products.