Let’s Learn About: Hoppe Chan!

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January’s Doki Doki Crates included 1 of 18 super kawaii Hoppe Chan figures! Let’s take a look (◕‿◕✿)

Oftentimes in Japan, kawaii characters are designed at random that become very difficult to find elsewhere, so we were so excited to be able to bring Hoppe Chan into your January Doki Doki Crates!

The cute, tear-drop-shaped character can be found at the majority of convenience stores around Japan, in the form of desk decor, keychains, toys, and even sweets! We love how much detail is put into each variation!



We would love to visit this store filled with all the different Hoppe Chan merchandise!

Which Hoppe Chan did you receive? If you could create one yourself, how would it look? (。♥‿♥。)
  1. I love animal themed anything. Foxes, bears, deer….maybe a little leaf or twig. Nature themes are awesome as well. Perhaps a little fairy set where the fairies are animal or nature themed. That’d be fun!

  2. My hoppe-chan was the dark blue with white cheek jewels and red star on the head. She is perfect on my desk at work. If I could make my own, the little body would be white with glitter, pink cheek stones, and vivid pink bows with purple polka dots for the ear cups of its music head phones.

  3. Does anybody else’s hoppe chan changes colors?! I just figured out mine does in hot and cold water. It’s so cool!!!

  4. So adorable !!! I so wish I got a doki crate now Dx but I can’t have both and I have a sweet tooth so it’s for the best I suppose >_<

  5. I received purple hoppe change with flower on head. If I could make a hoppe change, it would be sky blue with little eyes and a big smile and pink blush cheeks! I wouldn’t have an accessory on it, but if it was a requirement, perhaps a small star or a little hat.

  6. Hoppe Chan is so adorable. I’d be in trouble if this shop was near me. I’d buy a Hoppe Chan every day! I could think of many different Hoppe Chans that I’d like to design myself (wayyy wayyy wayyy too many! lol)