January Chocolates, Gum & Not-Gum?


We wanted to share a bit more information about a couple other treats from the January crate. Enjoy these tasty tidbits on these treats!

japancrate-waldoFit’s Strawberry & Cream Gum

Where’s Wally!!? Did you know that Waldo is only Waldo in the US & Canada? We found out after trying out this gum!! This strawberry and cream gum is sugar free & came in a variety of different packages! It’s always neat when your experience with a candy goes beyond just the sweet itself!


Pokemon Pineapple Candy

Gum? NOPE! There aren’t a lot of public trashcans in Japan… and it’s considered rude to put your hands in your mouth!  As a result, this candy is made out to LOOK like gum, but is just a super chewy taffy that has a nice long lifespan for chewing! The pineapple flavor is PERFECT!


GABA Infused Stress Relieving Milk Chocolate

One of the most interesting treats in the January crate… GABA is an amino acid that helps relieve stress! Eating chocolate already helps relax, so these little square chocolates are the perfect way to end a long day!

japancrate-pretzPizza Pretz

PRETZ! The crunchy, delicious snack that comes in a ton of different flavors! Included in this month was Pizza Pretz!! Which tastes SURPRISINGLY like a real pizza! That said… the following was overheard in the office ~ “This does not go with coffee AT ALL!” You can surprisingly taste all the flavors of pizza: cheese, tomato, and herbs!

From gum to not-gum, to extra relaxing chocolate and pizza that doesn’t go well with coffee! We hope that you enjoyed the January Crate!

  1. I lost my crunchy roll card is there a way to retrieve it or get a new one? I love your candy in the January box best one yet!

  2. Everything was so yummy, the drink was a little strange but I am not a big fan of citrus drinks. My favorite was the stress chocolates and the super soft gummies. Not gonna lie a sat for like 5 minutes just squishing them hehe. My February crate came really fast too and I am in love with my ramune bowl. Talk about perfect timing because I am moving but I made sure to update my address so good to go!