Doki Doki Crate Update

Hello Doki Doki Crate Family!

We wanted to address the concerns regarding items contained in the February Doki Doki crate. Thank you all so much for your feedback as we continue these first few months of service.

We’ve received a ton of feedback on the quality of some items included in your Doki Doki Crates. We’re so sorry that these items made their way into our crates, as that was never our intention. All items we ordered were stated to be licensed for US distribution, and the samples & photos we received ended up being much different than the actual product that was delivered. Since we work on a subscription basis, ordering is done well in advance and all Doki Doki items were ordered back in December. As a result of the feedback we received in January, we sent photos/samples to the relevant licensing companies in an effort to verify the authenticity of the products, but we didn’t hear back in time so the items were mailed out.  

We apologize for not doing our full due-diligence when partnering with vendors, and we can 100% guarantee that unlicensed products will not be included in any future crates. March’s Doki Doki Crate is curated entirely from Japanese vendors and verified/licensed suppliers. We have partnerships in the works with some of the most well-known vendors in the industry, and we can’t wait to reveal what’s coming. Keep an eye out for more details!

As we continue to grow and establish working relationships with vendors in Japan, we’re hard at work securing proper licensing channels to ensure that everything sent in all future crates will be fully & officially licensed. We are also reporting the distributor of these items to Good Smile Company and all affiliated entities as we in no way support the distribution of unauthentic merchandise. 

We have been meeting with new partners all week in Japan, and we’re very excited for the future of Doki Doki Crate and to share the partnerships we’ve been developing. We’ll soon be exclusive partners with Sun Hoseki Japan, maker of Hoppe Chan, to bring you exclusive Monthly Hoppe Chans. We’ll also be working with licensors like Viz Media to include fully licensed items from some of your favorite shows!

We would also like to offer the chance for a full refund on your February Crate if you are unhappy with the contents. If you reach out to us at [email protected] ~ we will supply you with a prepaid return label so you can easily ship your crate back to us. Once received at our warehouse, we’ll refund your order in whole.

Thank you so much for your patience and consistent feedback. We are a small family of Japan lovers, and our goal is to share that love with fellow enthusiasts. We’re working hard to ensure that you’ll love all future Doki Doki Crates and that they only contain the best items available!

Thank you for being part of the Doki Doki family.

-The Doki Doki Crate Team

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