Kittens & Lions & Cats, Oh My~!

You may have noticed that our February Doki Doki Crate has quite a few famous felines included! If you’re not familiar, we’re going to touch on three special kitties who were part of this month’s crate.



Our first famous kitten is Chi, the character from Chi’s Sweet Home! This precious little kitten is the star of her own manga. She’s so popular that there have been two anime based on her book: Chi’s Sweet Home & Chi’s Sweet Home: Chi’s New Address. 

This particular toy is pretty special in that it was a limited edition run available at KFC in Japan! Don’t let that fool you though, KFC is a ~HUGE~ deal in Japan! You generally need to make reservations for Christmas or New Years, or you could get caught waiting in a 2 hour, or longer line!

If you’re interested in watching Chi’s adventures, you can do so on Crunchyroll!

doki-doki-crate-keroSecond, we have a little flying lion famous for being the sidekick of a certain magical girl! Kero joins the February Crate, taking a break from his show Cardcaptor Sakura! One of guardian’s of the Clow Cards, Kero can be pretty bossy, but he always has Sakura’s best interest in mind!

If you aren’t familiar with Cardcaptor Sakura and want to try it out? Check it out on Crunchyroll!

doki-doki-crate-kikiProbably our most famous cat this month, is co-star to a famous Ghibli heroine! Jiji, the little black cat who accompanies Kiki in Kiki’s Delivery Service is here to lend you a hand! Looking dapper as ever in his bowtie he want’s to lend his skills as a handy-man to you, helping keep you organized!

These aren’t the only cats in the crate, you may have a few show up in the form of pens or whistles~! We hope that you love them all!

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